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  1. Rocksuperstar

    Cocks out for the lads

    C'mon, you know you all did it - which shirt have you pulled on for the match? I know a lot of you will opt for a new one but i've gone for the "Van Der Vaart" 2010 home, and i know a lot will go retro (was tempted by the Ginola). Post em up - feel free to dip in with pics of you in your...
  2. Rocksuperstar

    Cardiff owner considers kit U-turn

    So, Tan is going to sit down with the board and they will back the fans in changing the kit back to blue, and apparently Tan is open to this discussion. BBC article Just curious (and i hated making a new thread for it but searching... meh.. so much effort) but if he agreed to change it back...
  3. Rocksuperstar

    Pele rushed to hospital

    Few details, just broke on Talksport - apparently he had kidney stones and problems with a urinary infection recently, but little more than he's in intensive care and in a bad way. Obviously, early reports will sound dramatic, but hope he's alright - i know the pain of sidney stones, so he...
  4. Rocksuperstar

    Why can no-one defend anymore?

    It's not just us, as Liverpool & QPR demonstrated this afternoon, and it's been seen from all teams this season from United to Sunderland (arguably excluding Chelsea & Citeh, but even they looked a bit shaky at times against us), teams just cannot defend anymore. No defenders have the pace to...
  5. Rocksuperstar


    Ok, some will say it wasn't a dive, contact was made but today Joe Allen showed himself up. I am still fuming that someone, in this modern age where apparently we're trying to straighten out cheats and combat "simulation", a player can barge around and collide with a hundred players and stay on...
  6. Rocksuperstar

    2014 League Cup thread

    So... been eventful! Thus far, after just two days of matches, QPR were dumped out by Burton, Villa by Orient, West Ham done over on penalties by Sheffield United (that must've been sweet) and, how can we not mention, United by the New Age Wombles. That's some serious scalps already hung on...
  7. Rocksuperstar

    Kick That Soccer Ball

    "Four Years, one cup - turn the awesome up!" This is genuinely the greatest World Cup song yet - buy it on iTunes, f*ck the official one and that awful, awful Talksport effort into touch. "Go strap on them cleats, get your balls out and come together" (y) Love it, Soccer Guy USA smashes it.
  8. Rocksuperstar

    Rickie Lambert to Liverpool Not a bad price, seasoned international, i'm pretty sure he'll do well once he settles in, though there is a part of me that wonders if we should've been looking in his direction if that was the sort of money being talked about. First of how many...
  9. Rocksuperstar

    Asda "wareable England flag" concern

    Hahaha! I actually laughed out loud when i saw the story & picture in The Guardian :LOL: So it makes you look a berk on several levels. I imagine the world cup merchandise is going to start getting mental now, so anyone found any other funny/inappropriate crap being hawked during the...
  10. Rocksuperstar

    Pock, Potch or Po'h?

    I'm confused on how it's actually pronounced, and listening to the radio & telly box hasn't helped either. Cundy calls him Pockechino, Shearer calls him Pocketeenio, a few pronounce it Po'heteenio (see now i type that, it looks American Indian - nice), so what's the coup here? Pick your...
  11. Rocksuperstar

    Presidential #10

    From BBC News (click here for full story) Love it - i guarantee you, he will never be fouled studs up. They'll probably introduce a third tier of punishment specifically for tackles against him; yellow, red, incarcerated for crimes against the state.
  12. Rocksuperstar

    Pitch invaders

    Some disgraceful scenes of the impromptu pitch invasion after Orient secure a game at Wembley by beating the Posh in their playoff match Is that not the sweetest, most romantic football picture ever? :love:
  13. Rocksuperstar

    Is Michael Dawson nicer than Linvoy Primus

    Our cap'n will be on Talksport in a bit, he's the player who's supposed to be calling in for the "Is he nicer than Linvoy Primus" feature.
  14. Rocksuperstar

    Holloway new Milwall manager

    Just announced on Talksport... more to follow, i assume. From the BBC I never know whether i like Ollie or not from one week to the next, but he does make me laugh
  15. Rocksuperstar

    Might i suggest...

    For the last few weeks this forum has become more and more aggressive and i'm seeing way too many arguments where reasoned debate could be had - sure, we're upset, i get that. Results aren't going our way, the clubs in disarray, but to start turning on each other is, frankly, shite. Might i...
  16. Rocksuperstar

    Michael Dawson

    The current scapegoat, i see? Well, all those bleating on about how he's past it, a carthorse, a donkey, needs to be dropped for a very long time - f*ck you. Wake up. Michael Dawson is a genuine warrior who has given years of great service in our colours. He's been backed by every Spurs...
  17. Rocksuperstar

    Where isn't Danny Rose?

    Contrary to the "Where is Danny Rose" thread, which doesn't seem to be getting any closer to answering the question in it's title, i figure we can help out by listing where Danny Rose isn't. I can get the ball rolling by stating, as of about five minutes ago, he wasn't in the North Weald Co-op...
  18. Rocksuperstar

    We Are Tottenham Hotspur

    This video came to everyone's attention a while back, apparently part of the promotional package surrounding the naming rights of the new stadium (though never established where it came from), but was pulled by the club every time it popped up. I managed to rip a copy of it at the time and have...
  19. Rocksuperstar

    Sri Lanka v England

    Just tuned in, liking the scorecard - anyone give me a quick update? What's the wicket like, outfield, weather? Cheers - and another wicket as i type, LBW, Jayawardene is going for a review... Umpire's call - OUT! 170-6 Nice wicket just after tea, hope we're feeling confident with the bat.
  20. Rocksuperstar

    Anthem awesomeness

    Just seen on BBC Sportsday breaking news: :lol: Gold. Our old Berbatov fan Kuwaity obviously isn't the only comedy genius they have :up: