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  1. wiggo24

    Study on the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    Hi all! I'm currently conducting a piece of academic research as part of a degree at the University of Oxford, and it concerns the relationship between security and atmosphere at the new Tottenham Stadium. As part of this research, I have created an online survey aimed at Spurs fans who've...
  2. wiggo24

    Staying positive

    Yes, tonight's result was gutting, but I think we can all be calm tbh. If we secure 2nd, it'll be our highest ever finish in the PL era. We've got the youngest team in the league, and we'll only keep improving. We play some, quite frankly, wonderful football at times. I'm confident all our key...
  3. wiggo24

    Dier/Alli/King/Ardiles quiz show

    Love this. 2 Spurs legends, and 2 young best mates. Worth a Christmas watch - shows the spirit we have in the team right now. (30 mins though)
  4. wiggo24

    I'm proud to have Pochettino

    Having read this article, I've decided that I love Pochettino. Given that a lot of the managers for top clubs now are very hard to like, I've got to say Pochettino does actually sound like a really nice guy. I'm proud to have him at our club. His personality, playing style, and support for youth...
  5. wiggo24

    Tough February - Expectations?

    Crucial month for us now. 3 huge prem games, and 2 legs vs Fiorentina. Could dictate the rest of our season. Arsenal Liverpool Thu 19th: Spurs v Fiorentina (Europa) West Ham Thu 26th: Fiorentina v Spurs (Europa) Expectations? I'd love 7 points and a win over two legs, although that might be a...
  6. wiggo24

    Anthony Martial

    .@EspoirsduFoot understand Tottenham Hotspur are ready to make a bid of 20M Euros for Anthony Martial of AS Monaco. #THFC Highly doubt this is true, as I can't see Levy spending that much on an 18-year old, but whatever, might as well have a thread just in case.... TBF, this kid is gonna be...
  7. wiggo24

    Christian Ceballos

    Doesn't seem to be a thread on him (as a spurs player) so here were are. There's a lot of hype around him at the moment after his game vs Seattle, and many ppl on here think he should in and around the first team next season. However, I hadn't realised how highly regarded he was a Barca before...
  8. wiggo24

    Lewis Holtby

    There doesn't seem to be a thread on Holtby (apart from the Fulham one), and I think he'll be a big player for us this season. Will fit Poch's style perfectly imo. Just look at how happy he is :D
  9. wiggo24

    The Townsend-Lamela Problem

    I was thinking after the West Ham defeat that I don't actually know what our best team currently is and, taking it one step furthur, i think this is the biggest debate. The problem is that they both need to start. Townsend because he's playing very well atm and was probably the only player that...
  10. wiggo24

    Nicolas Otamendi

    Was looking for a thread so I could ask if he's any good or not but there wasn't one. Goat says we're in for him and he look's alright to me but I'd prefer Sakho tbh. Nicolás Hernán Gonzalo Otamendi (born 12 February 1988) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for F.C. Porto in...