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  1. littlewilly

    Getting ready for the big trip

    Coming over next month with my nine-year-old. We've both got tickets for the Southampton game.
  2. littlewilly

    Pre-Season Training 1958/59

    Thought some of you might find this interesting.
  3. littlewilly


    Sorry - notice other thread exists.
  4. littlewilly

    Chairman's Message

    There'll be the usual detractors and cynics yet I think this is a very good read and brilliantly penned, as is his style.
  5. littlewilly


    Please excuse my farawayness but is "salty" a new buzz word in the UK? I've noted it about a zillion times on SC in the last week or so. Could someone define please.
  6. littlewilly

    Jimmy Armfield

    Incredibly sad. I've grown up with him and will miss that voice on 5Live.
  7. littlewilly

    Georges-Kevin Nkoudou - Burnley You’ve really got to have a great deal of admiration for Dyche and I imagine this loan has been well thought through.
  8. littlewilly

    62 Cup Final

    Enjoyed reminiscing here particularly seeing the very youthful Greavsie and Dave Mackay. Check out the 3rd minute when Smith is clattered in the box - not a penalty shout or fit of histrionics in sight. Those were the days.
  9. littlewilly

    A great team from our past My era and I loved this team Let's hope we get a similar result this weekend. As an aside, Mullers is my favourite Spurs player - he just never had a bad game.
  10. littlewilly

    Getting back to fitness

    I thought this was quite an interesting quote (putting aside the usual animosity) from someone who does know his stuff: “Jack is starting to run,” Wenger said. “Once you move out, from the first day, you count six weeks to be competitive and build up stamina and intensity. You need six weeks to...
  11. littlewilly

    It's good to be a Spur

    I don't often start new threads but I am so enamoured with this current team and Club that I just wanted to say so. I was born in the North Mid; recall sitting on Dad's shoulders watching Blanchflower et al parading two cups up the High Road; never missed a home game during Greavsie's entire...