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  1. C-oops

    Poch interview

    A mate of mine interviewed Poch today , to be broadcast on Cadena Cope Radio ( tonight at 11:15. It's in Spanish but apparently hes quite relaxed and talks about how tough it's been to put everything in place, about the Cahill kick on Kane and mourinhos interview after the match amongst...
  2. C-oops

    Arsenal Fan TV

    I'm not sure if I find this funnier than the Liverpool fans or not. Sometimes reduced to tears. Usually complaining about Wenger and singling out players. One win against sub premier league standard opposition, playing a kamikaze system and they are going to win the league again. Welbeck being...
  3. C-oops

    Steven Caulker Can't see this happening. He is a home grown/club trained player. Will need him for our Europa/CL squad in the future
  4. C-oops

    Michael Dawson in a boyband

    Cricket commentator David Lloyd just said he started talking to a young Yorkshire lad he recognized from somewhere at the cricket. Asked him if he was in a boyband... It was Michael Dawson...
  5. C-oops

    Am I right in thinking there is no live match on TV on the final day?

    I'd have thought SKY would want to cover our match and Arsenals. There is nothing on the website.
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    Spurs Charades

  7. C-oops

    This shite this tit talks gets worse everytime he opens his mouth
  8. C-oops

    Brad on Football Focus

    Think Brad is on football focus today.
  9. C-oops

    A nice article by James Lawton - Independent

    Well put by him I think The Stoke City fashioned with ferocious application by their manager, Tony Pulis, have so many admirable...
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    Is adebayor any better than Peter crouch ?

    Just while we're asking stupid questions
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    Dunno if this is accurate or if been mentioned elsewhere but If you saw Rafael van der Vaart's reaction after being substituted out coming out of Tottenham Hotspur's match...
  12. C-oops

    " Lets talk about what happens when modric leaves,

    " Lets talk about what happens when modric leaves, and which players we'd accept in exchange. Idiots only in here as we are ignoring all quotes from spurs management about him not being sold and getting our knickers in a twist over shite spouted in toilet paper such as the sun and star"...
  13. C-oops

    Gallas thinks we've had a bad season

    GALLAS: SPURS' SEASON NOT A SUCCESS Posted 11/05/11 14:32 EmailPrintSave Liverpool v Tottenham. Click here to bet. William Gallas claims that Tottenham should not view their season as a success after their failure to qualify for next year's Champions League was confirmed by defeat to...
  14. C-oops

    ITK. Any chance of ....

    someone that knows whats what setting up a little list of the most reputable ITK providers. I dont mean a league table of correct predictions as has been suggested before but just a list of who is worth listening to. Most people realise that the info these reputable people pass on doesnt always...
  15. C-oops

    Interesting Point in article about formation

    Jamie Lawrence: 'The way they train coaches at Ajax is different' Ajax's Jamie Lawrence left England for the Netherlands as a 16-year-old to improve his football education Jamie Lawrence spent time with Arsenal and QPR before moving to Haarlem and then Ajax in the Netherlands. Photograph...
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    Would any of our players

    last less time?
  17. C-oops

    Football 365 gossip says Drogba

    is wanted by Harry
  18. C-oops

    BBC gossip says Sandro

    Is wanted by Barcelona and real Madrid.
  19. C-oops

    Sandro Interview It was in the periods of intense loneliness that self-doubt crept in. Sandro Raniere Guimarães Cordeiro would stare out of the window as the rickety bus, one of three the teenager had to take on the tedious two-hour...
  20. C-oops

    So then. Whats the best score for us

    tomorrow between Chelsea & Shitty? A draw?