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  1. Colonel Dax

    Gareth Bale

    Wouldn't be a proper transfer window without a link to Bale 😊 The Sun article on Bale Real Madrid star Bale offered Tottenham return in staggering £10million LOAN move to escape Bernabeu boos Spanish giants are desperate to offload the £600,000-a-week forward as Zinedine Zidane wants him out...
  2. Colonel Dax

    Team v Ajax (2nd leg)

    Lloris Trippier* Toby Jan Rose Sissoko Wanyama Lucas Dele Eriksen Son Subs: Kane and 6 others 😊 *Could play Foyth instead of Trippier but perhaps he might be affected by the red card. KWP maybe but does Poch trust him?
  3. Colonel Dax

    Team v Bournemouth

    Massive game. Strongest possible team IMO. Yeah I know we have the Ajax 2nd leg next week but this is arguably more important. 3 points a must to secure top 4. Lloris Foyth Toby Jan* Rose Sissoko Dier Moura Eriksen Dele** Son *Sanchez if Jan is not fit **Dele should be dropped but we’ve no...
  4. Colonel Dax

    Deloitte Football Money League 2019 Tottenham have moved into the top 10. Overtaken Juventus and just behind 9th placed Arsenal. (this is based on overall club revenue in 2017-18 and...
  5. Colonel Dax

    Andy Carroll