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  1. codspur

    Spurs Legends Match In Hertfordshire

    Hi All Firstly @Rob I hope this is OK to post in here. I am co-organising a charity match in Codicote Hertfordshire on Sunday 23rd September and this is really to promote it. The money will be split between two causes one a young boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the other a family of a...
  2. codspur

    Membership Packs

    Hi All. Apologies if there is another thread on this already that I have missed....but has anyone got their membership packs through yet or know when they should start to be received. I have a five year old son who is running to the door every time the letterbox goes and would like to manage his...
  3. codspur

    Premier League Squad 2016/2017 and Under 21's:

    Posting this as cant see it elsewhere and mainly because Janssen must have been picked on at school with that name! Tottenham Hotspur 25 Squad players (*=Home grown) Alderweireld, Toby Albertine *Carroll, Thomas James *Davies, Benjamin Thomas Dembele, Mousa Dier, Eric Jeremy Edgar Eriksen...
  4. codspur

    [Update 84] Frooj re: Smith & Obika

    Who: Frooj When: 23/06/13 Where: COYS I've heard it on good authority that Millwall want Smith back and they also want Obika to join them on loan this season.
  5. codspur

    [Update 322] Hoof Hearted over on COYS:

    HoofHarted, on 15 August 2012 - 09:19 AM, said: We already have deals in place. Just waiting for the confirmation that a deal was done for Modric first. Re the thread about letter of credit yesterday and offsetting invoices. I risked one banana yesterday three today
  6. codspur

    [Update 313] Akquayid twitter - OS Due an Update?

    akqayid ‏@akqayid What everyone needs right now is a new page uploaded in the OS and the big smiley man looking back at us..... F5 at the ready I think
  7. codspur

    [Update 293] POTL & The Ghost of Cryptics Past

    Who: POTL When: Last summer. This Summer. Next Summer. Where: COYS I can't quite believe I'm writing this again, DeJavu. But. Blue and Yellow. POTL [Ed.] Blue AS WAS CONFIRMED LAST SUMMER is in reference to ADEBAYOR Yellow AS WAS CONFIRMED LAST SUMMER is in reference to LEANDRO
  8. codspur

    [Update 289] POTL: Few bits

    Who: POTL When: 06/08/12 Where: COYS
  9. codspur

    [Update 225] Akqayid on Twitter re: Falcao

    akqayid ‏@akqayid Sssuuussshhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone. Falcao(again)
  10. codspur

    [Update 219] Galahad on Adebayor

    Latest from Galahad on COYS re Adebayor Galahad hears that we're paying the approximately 150kpw in wages and thereby breaking/smashing our wage structure, which DL is using as a reason to keep the fee as low as possible. Some might conclude that increasing our wage ceiling by so much...
  11. codspur

    Does Benni have a sign writing company?

  12. codspur

    Jurgen the German on the England Job/Harry/Brendan Rogers

    Am told Trevor Brooking is pushing for Brendan hence that rather curious comment from Harry that the England job is for someone with experience seems Trevor Brooking is Harry s nemesis as far as the England job is concerned............................................. now if you were...
  13. codspur


    Right this may be controversial but I don't give a flying fuck about our national football team. My financial and emotional involvement are to THFC not England I believe that England are a chance for fans of clubs like Crewe and Hereford etc to see some better football but they do not...
  14. codspur

    [Update 446]GGSpur re:Not good

    Who: GGSpur When: 29/08/11 Where: COYS
  15. codspur

    [Update 429] Jacob re:STORM (explained)

    Who: Jacob When: 26/08/11 Where: COYS
  16. codspur

    Update 427]Peanut re Brian Ruiz

    Who:Peanut When:25/08/11 Where:COYS
  17. codspur

    [Update 408] POTL re: Kiss

    Ade and Lass. X
  18. codspur

    [Update 372] Dragon1 re: Adebayor

    Who dragon1 Date 12th August Time 21:20pm Site COYS
  19. codspur

    [Update 360]Barnes Spurs re:Rossi

    Who:Barnes Spurs When:08/08/11 Where:COYS
  20. codspur

    Spurs at the Lollibop Festival

    I have spent today in Regents Park with my 4 year old daughter at the Lollibop Festival...a festival for under 10 year olds. I had never heard of this until a link on the clubs OS. i would just like to say well done THFC...they wre the only club represented,Chirpy was working his little...