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  1. DanNolan

    Athletics thread

    Gatlin Blows away the field and lands first blow in the fight for 100m supremacy The outdoor athletics season began with a sparkling curtain raiser in the diamond league in Doha. Justin Gatlin was in ominous form running an outstanding personal best 9.74! He has been extremely confident while...
  2. DanNolan

    Help please: Stadium restricted views

    Hi, Im looking to attend the game on thursday and would usually sit in the south stand upper, however my dad is going to the game and was bought a ticket in the east stand. Its in the upper, Block G and i can get a seat next to him but i wanted to know how bad the view might be from there before...
  3. DanNolan

    Sky Sports Carragher v Neville: In order outve Gerrard,Lampard, Scholes

    Just been watching MNF and the question at the end was very interested and sparked some big arguement between G Nev and Carragher. For those who didnt see it: Put these 3 in order of the best to worse : Gerrard Scholes and Lampard. I think Scholes is as good of a player as i have seen in the...
  4. DanNolan

    World Athletics Championships

    How is everyone enjoying the championships? I think Ohorughu winning gold yesterday was an outstanding race, but unfortunately there seems to be nobody in the stadiums watching the championships. Maybe they should take note from the rugby authorities and stage the larger championships in...
  5. DanNolan

    Sandros new hair style, or lack of.

    Ok so I don't know how many of you follow Sandro on social media but check out his new bald head big beard style...... He looks even more rough and beastly than usual! Ha
  6. DanNolan

    Modric.... Would you have him back?

    Just noticed Modric hasn't made it even onto the bench today for Madrid. We all felt short changed in the summer by him admittedly, but would you have him back at spurs for say 24 mill if we had qualified for the CL. Some players make moves that for one reason or another don't work out. He is...
  7. DanNolan

    Murray- On the cusp of Greatness?

    For years the career of Andy Murray was reminiscent of the many British players before him, who fell short of the big time and will be remembered as what if stories; The new reality for Murray is that he has finally banished the monkey off his back and is set to walk the road entitled “what...
  8. DanNolan

    Minneapolis spurs?

    Hey guys, I'm bring sent to Minneapolis in just over a week for two months to work , just wondered are there any spurs fans out there. Will be nice to have somebody to watch with?
  9. DanNolan

    1st half download- Utd away

    I missed the first half on Saturday, has anyone got a full download of the half i could use? Thanks
  10. DanNolan

    Oscar Pistorius the blade runner- Just the beginning

    The Olympics has come and gone, heroes have been created, dreams fulfilled and one man became a self confessed living legend. In addition to this though, one achievement was made that was unique; a disabled athlete competed against able bodied competitors for the first time in history. Pistorius...
  11. DanNolan

    Athletics recap for anyone who misses the sessions

    Morning session The first morning of the athletics has finally arrived; the wonderful Olympic stadium gets its first sporting use of the games with the Heptathlon taking centre stage on this opening session. The first event on the track was indeed the Heptathlon, and the first discipline being...
  12. DanNolan

    Is playing for the shirt really enough?

    Though there was an air of inevitability before the tournament regarding the failure of England to end their quarter-final hoodoo, it is worth analysing just how much of a success the tournament was. Can the fact that England reached a quarter-final as group winners and never lost a match before...
  13. DanNolan


    Title says it all, Kenny Dalglish is such a terrible manager and human being! "How dare u praise Andy Carroll" "We support Luis Suarez, he should have never been banned" What a muppet
  14. DanNolan

    Defoe Vs Man City

    I know a lot of people will want toshout me down over this, however I am sick and tiredof him being SC's scapegoat. Talking solely about todays game. He didnt do great in the first half with the ball but then it wasnt his fault that we didnt get the ball in the right areas. Without the ball he...
  15. DanNolan

    Proud- This team is a team worth getting emotional for

    I am just about calming down from what in my opinion is the worst half of refereeing i have ever seen in my 25 years. We were very poor first 25 but my god, the players gave everything to get back into this game! I was so so proud of our second half performance, and much credit to harry for a...
  16. DanNolan

    [Update 109]DanNolan re:JD leaving?

    Who: DanNolan When: 11/06/11 Where: SC Been in Vegas on a mates stag do this week and happened to meet Jermain Defoe, Tom Huddlestone and Ian Wright. Talked in length with JD on the roulette table and he is actively looking to leave and even mentioned joining Arsenal. Says hes in his...