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  1. Archibald-CPH

    Pay structure

    Is it time for Levy to take a look at our pay structure ? Is it not possibly now? Thinking about + 60000 at Wembley next season and same from the season after? What is holding us/him back? Paying the stadium? Just think about the price for loosing our best players and loosing out on CL -...
  2. Archibald-CPH

    Allan Nielsen as technical coach OMFG..... Posted yesterday:)
  3. Archibald-CPH

    How to play our young players

    Know there will be as many answers as there are supports - But how should we play our young players - what is our best 11. Mine would be Lloris Walker Kaboul Vertonghen BAE Sandro Eriksen--Dembele Lamela----------------Lennon Soldado
  4. Archibald-CPH

    Where is the next generation??

    Just wundering about Harrys transfers - always known players and no young talents....... Do we think about the future???? Just got those thoughts because that Arnesen has gone to Hamburg... Hope Harry will prove me wrong...... What do You think
  5. Archibald-CPH

    Any BBC prediction thread??

    Well my prediction United 83 p Arsenal 77/79 p Chelsea 73/75 p SPURS 72/73 p City 69 p
  6. Archibald-CPH

    TW round up. DoF and 4th

    On the positive side I'm glad we did'nt splash £ 30m on Carrol - thats a good TW for me. Now lets go have HULK and FALCAO (sign them up now like we did with Modric) and........ a DoF - sad neither Harry and The Choosen One will approve that... Now it's time to support our strikers BIG...
  7. Archibald-CPH

    Gareth Bale

    According to this Real want Bale for £37,5 mil plus L.Diarra, Benzema and Granero...... Snap it up
  8. Archibald-CPH

    Our training methods - and injuries!!

    Just some thoughts - Do we do some thing wrong..... Are we training to hard - does the players get their rest? Are there individuel training program for each player (high and low periods)? does they test each player for how he is responding to one kind of training and so on? Is there any...
  9. Archibald-CPH

    Arnesen back

    According to this Arnesen stops at Chelsea at the end off the season. Would You want him back? I would love him at the club again
  10. Archibald-CPH

    Man U after Defour

    We should be after this guy
  11. Archibald-CPH

    Barca uses the players own blood for injuries It says that Barca is allowed to use the players own blood to reduce injury time. The blood is given where the injury is... The doctor tells that the injury times goes from 3-4 weeks to...
  12. Archibald-CPH

    Ruud on the spot

    Damn... RVN has just hit two out against Stuttgart.. Know that it ain't the PL... But still..... Think he could have done a job for us... especially know
  13. Archibald-CPH

    My thing - Modric in the middle

    Once again - and I know I havde said this many times... But why don't we try with Luka and Wilson in the middle and with Niko on the left... Has it been done? Especially at WHL against teams who parks the bus, which seems to be every team outside the current top 4.. It seems like we don't...
  14. Archibald-CPH

    The LEFT

    Don't know if there has been a subject about this, but here goes: Why don't Harry bring on a left fitted player instead of Modric..... Gio, Bale What is he afraid of.... Know it has been two hard matches, but what did we expect from those two matches to start with ?
  15. Archibald-CPH

    Christian Poulsen

    Don't know if this should have gone in General Football, if so, maybe a mod will move it. According to this Christian Poulsen has been told by the juve president, that he have to find a new club...
  16. Archibald-CPH

    Modric in the middle

    Am I the only who think we are wasting his talent on the left. Would like to see him in the middle with palacios, lennon on the left and jenas on the right. Also I would like to see Zokara on the right back, with corluka in the middle with woodgate. What do You think ? Are we wasting Modrics...
  17. Archibald-CPH

    Is Levy and the gang the problem

    I'm thinking look at Jol at Hamburg and Ramos at Madrid. What do You think ? Where is the problem ? What are we doing wrong since good manager can't make any results at Spurs but at other clubs. And yes love Jol and know he achieved to 5th places. And would he have done better if he had the...
  18. Archibald-CPH

    If we could.... Arnesen back ?

    According to this the only reason why Chelski dosent sack him, is because it would be to expensive, so they will let contract run out ( june 2010) Could we use him and could we foregive him ?
  19. Archibald-CPH

    Dag Alexander Olsen off to Valencia

    According to this he is off
  20. Archibald-CPH

    Arnesen helping Spartak Moscow

    According to this Arnesen is helping his old friend M. Laudrup before Spartaks game against us. Moscow has for a week before the game been using Chelsea trainingground and there has been set a game between Chelseas reserves and Spartak because the Russian...