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  1. Mr.D

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all wonder what's going on at United?

    That song is fucking disgusting.
  2. Mr.D

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    I've some very dear friends that are West Ham supporters and, while I can happily laugh at the fan base as a collective, I really feel for my pals. They love their club and are devastated that things have got this bad.
  3. Mr.D

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    Explorer bloke. I was in Mallinson house at Warwick boys school. Or was it Monoux? It's that fucking long ago I can't remember which. Alpass, Mallinson, Livingstone and Scott.
  4. Mr.D

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    The originally video is from an episode of come dine with me when a disgruntled losing contestant when on a bit of a rant at the winner. There's a link to it down the twitter thread. I remember when it was first aired. Was funny.
  5. Mr.D

    FA Cup 19/20

    That's a shame.
  6. Mr.D

    Premier League 2019/20

    Abraham has to be blocking the keeper there.
  7. Mr.D

    Premier League 2019/20

    Thta's not what i said though, is it? They're a fine team but the fact is that they've been there for the beating and teams haven't done the business. Today is a prime example. As was the Old Trafford fixture.
  8. Mr.D

    Premier League 2019/20

    This lot ain't as great as they think they are and are definately beatable but no-one seems to want to score against them. So frustrating.
  9. Mr.D

    Premier League 2019/20

    The only connection YNWA has to Liverpool is that a scouse fella sang it. A hundred years ago, when i was a regular match goer, pretty much every club's fans sang it, scarves up and all that. What the club did was market it. Pretty well. And build some gates.
  10. Mr.D

    Match Threads Spurs vs Middlesbrough - FA Cup 3rd Round (Replay)

    Lamela- "what was the question again?"
  11. Mr.D

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Rainbow

    Ok, so I'll ask for a sonos home cinema system for my birthday just knowing that I'll get a pair of fucking headphones. FML :(
  12. Mr.D

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Wheels on the Bus

    Meh, going to be the usual birthday on 1st Feb for me. Hopeing for a top of the range PlayStation but getting a fucking megadrive.
  13. Mr.D

    FA Cup 19/20

    Is it correct that, when asked by the on pitch interviewer what the highlight of his day had been, the Leeds mascot said "going for a tour around the new Spurs stadium"? 😂
  14. Mr.D

    The Darts Thread

    Was with him until he through that flag over the cup. Don't dis the trophy. FFS.
  15. Mr.D

    Match Threads Southampton vs Spurs - Match Thread

    In the last two games we've made two of the worst teams in the prem look like Barcalona and Real Mafuckingdrid
  16. Mr.D

    The Athletic

    Got a 50% off subscription pop up yesterday.
  17. Mr.D

    PL ref Bobby Madley quits...........

    Not the first and won't be the last.
  18. Mr.D

    Eriksen tells Club he wants January exit, Serie A

    Good fucking riddance. His final kick of the ball with that corner against Norwich perfectly summed up his attitude for the last year. Totally unprofessional.