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  1. Huddlestone22

    Team vs Swansea

    What I'd like to see: Lloris Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose Capoue Paulinho Dembele Townsend------------------Chadli Soldado
  2. Huddlestone22

    Del Piero

    Due to our lack of Strikers, I was wondering if anyone else thought if he'd be worth a contract? (providing the wages aren't extortionate.) I feel he'd give us cover and a similar 'winning' mentality that VDV gave us. I feel his experience could definitely be beneficial for the team.
  3. Huddlestone22

    Crouch rumour from Ben

    Ben has said on FTL that Crouch has been cheating on Abbey Clancy and it could hit the news very soon :shrug: and something about him leaving us.