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    When is our Dawson back?

    Greetings! I really miss our Dawson! looked at the physio room stating that he will be back for the 16th October ... Can anyone shed any light? :grin::grin: B Assou-EkottoKnee Injury16th Oct 10 L KingGroin Strain23rd Oct 10 A LennonBack Injuryno return date W GallasGroin Strain16th Oct 10 Y...
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    The draw for the sf ..

    Well I can tell you all we will get Chavski next round ( if we beat FULHAM, which is not a given) ... :bang::bang::bang: You heard it FIRST !!!! Why you ask, with Daveeeeed and the pathetic loud mouth twat CUNDEY making the draw ... COYS
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    Setanta Canada ...

    Sorry guys I never knew we changes locations ...:bang::bang::bang: pathetic 12:00 pm Live FA Cup 4th Round:Tottenham v Leeds United Elated from their last game which saw Manchester United off, Leeds United travel to Stamford Bridge to face Tottenham, KO 12:15 pm ET
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    Ramos lays down the law !

    Its about Bloody Berbatov again !!!! 'Comolli and chairman Daniel Levy are expected to have the final say on whether he would be sold, but Ramos has made it clear he does not want players in his squad who do not want to be there. "I believe you can't force players to stay in the team if they...