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    Relegated teams you'd like us to buy

    Blackpool - good night out.
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    2014/15 - The Race For...?

    So here we are, after a season during which nashing of teeth reached untold levels amongst the great and the good of SC, we find ourselves experiencing a period of relative tranquillity at WHL. No major murmurs of unrest, some relatively low-key signings on the cards, and a new manager in place...
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    Lack of creativity...will it cost us?

    Assuming we don't secure the services of Moutinho/A.N. Other during the transfer window, how much do you think our lack of real creativity in midfield will cost us? Ok, so we've had a good couple of months and things are certainly looking rosy; I love AVB, and he loves me etc. But on closer...
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    Positivity Thread!

    You go first...
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    FAO Spurs: Please sign Beckham. Cheers.

    Did anyone see Gary Neville's testimonial last night? David Beckham played the full 90 and was ruddy brilliant. Sure, it was only a testimonial and folk weren't all over him like they would be in the PL, but he showed more than enough to suggest he'd be able to offer us a great deal if we...
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    fao Lanh re: chat room

    Apologies for posting here, i couldn't find a message facility on your profile - feel free to delete once you've replied/checked this out. I appear to have been permabanned from the matchday chat room (admittedly for slightly over-zealous usage of a four letter word during a particularly...
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    Hudd out 3-4 Months - Confirmed on SSN

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    Is that rumour re: us signing Torres still flying around...?

    ...i think he and Liverpool have probably put that to bed just now. Looks back to his best.
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    Spurs loanees on Sky now...

    Not sure whether this should be elsewhere - feel free to move if so. Bristol City v QPR on SS1 just now - Walker already had a few decent moments.
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    Away at Sunderland and Newcastle - advice please kids...!

    Morning all, As a Spurs fan north of the border, my opportunities for seeing the boys anywhere near are obviously fairly limited. However, with both Sunderland and Newcastle in the PL, i'm thinking i should make more of an effort. Does anyone know whether i'll be able to get tickets for either...
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    Morning all. Apologies iof this has been covered before, but any word on where Woodgate is at the moment? Has he picked up a serious injury?
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    McGregor definitely on his way to Spurs...

    Man, I hardly ever post, let alone ITK! Well here's some for you to bite on... Rangers' Allan McGregor will definitely sign for Spurs in the summer - his old dear works with a mate of mine and passed on the good news this morning... So there.