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  1. Flynn

    Youcef Atal

    Daily Telegraph have linked him 2-3 times over the last few weeks in various stories including today. Links
  2. Flynn

    World Cup - Media and punditary

    Somewhere to discuss the good and the bad. But mostly the bad. So when itv cut to adverts just as Kane’s lining up a 93rd minute penalty to beat Germany in the 3/4th place playoff rant here.
  3. Flynn

    Adopt a player 17/18.

    ive Gone with trips for the last two years and will do again. Add below and I'll create a list later. Who's going to take rose.
  4. Flynn

    Ryan Sessegnon Numerous media links and even some itk We've all seen his contract.... Discuss
  5. Flynn

    Where should FA cup semi finals be held

    Also. The scum game
  6. Flynn

    New head of recruitment. delete if you'd rather have a separate thread for each candidate we get linked with or move if you think it should go in spurs chat Probably...
  7. Flynn

    Would you stop supporting Spurs if they signed a gay player?

    .......if they signed a gay player? According to this 8% of football fans would stop supporting their club if they signed a gay player. Surely they're all Chelsea / West Ham fans.
  8. Flynn

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at the media

    I didn't want to drag the transfer forum off topic so thought I'd start a thread here. Friday, 15 minutes before the 10am announcement the Daily Star posted a story on how the Son transfer hadn't progressed. Tonight they've two stories for us...
  9. Flynn

    19 May 2012 - C'Mon Blackpool & Bayern

    Big day tomorrow.... Have to sandwich my trip to Twickenham to see the Egg chasers European cup final with cheering on Blackpool to beat the porn barons and that bloke off the apprentice and find a nice pub after to watch Bayern destroy the Blue Scum. Frankle running in the Lockinge at...
  10. Flynn

    Liverpool Friendly in Norway

    Got to say.... for all the panicing about our CFs, I'd rather start the season with them than rely on Glenn Johnson and Jamie Carragher in DEF.