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  1. robertgoulet

    Dani Ceballos signs for Arsenal

    Apologies for the SportWitness link earlier. Here is a "real" news link. Tottenham have reportedly identified Real Madrid starlet Dani Ceballos as the man who could replace...
  2. robertgoulet

    Timo Werner

    It's time.
  3. robertgoulet

    Julian Weigl

    I know there was talk a few months ago that Dortmund may allow him to leave in January. Translation via Google Translate: "By the way: In...
  4. robertgoulet

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window Pledge Thread. Sponsored by Yankspurs

    Pledge thread! Pulisic - $20 Martial - $25 de Ligt - $20 Bale - $50 Modric - $35 Slavic - $15 Sessegnon -$15 Icardi - $50
  5. robertgoulet

    Man City FFP Cat and Mouse

    Interesting breakdown. You'd think this would catch up to them at some point, right?
  6. robertgoulet

    Inside the Loan Spells of Harry Kane

    Long read, but interesting enough.
  7. robertgoulet

    Premier League's Future - Re: England/EU Situation

    This was brought up in the Chicago Spurs Facebook group and I'll copy and past the comment from there, but I found the conversation very interesting. Started with this post, wondering what the thoughts are on this one: "Think it will turn real interesting if we leave the EU as all the European...
  8. robertgoulet

    What Went Wrong at Tottenham Hotspur?

    Long-form read from one of the boys over at I have just started and should finish sometime before 2016 (I read at a 2nd grade level).
  9. robertgoulet

    NLD Raising a storm in the Windy City

    Proud to be a part of this group (though not pictured)!
  10. robertgoulet

    Fat Eggs and Sam

    Thought this deserved its own thread, because it's just brilliant. Do you like losing to West Ham? I do not like it, Big Sam. I do not like losing to West Ham. Would you like it home or away? I do not like it here...
  11. robertgoulet

    Spurs vs Chicago Fire

    Being a fan of both clubs, I will say that Spurs should win this one easily. Fire just got wiped 5-1 by San Jose last night, and have been pretty bad all season. Fire have a few decent players, but they just don't have much in the way of attacking ability. There's last season's MLS MVP (Mike...