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  1. hugrr

    Fallon d'Floor 2014

    Adryan puts the most into it IMO
  2. hugrr


    Poch did a good job of deflecting a post match question today that he obviously didn't want to answer. When asked what our plans were for the rest of the transfer window, he avoided the question and gave an answer completely irrelevant to what he'd been asked, and no-one battered an eyelid as...
  3. hugrr

    Sochi 2014

    2 days to go, before the most expensive Olympics ever. $51,000,000,000 worth of sporting entertainment awaits, bring on the curling, and Cool runnings! Here's some Tweets from journalists who are less than impressed with their accommodation...
  4. hugrr

    MOTD Highlights Enjoy ;)
  5. hugrr

    The Death of 606 606 Will no longer operate from the end of this years football season :violin: Please feel free to use this thread to offer your condolences, where else can so many people WUM so many other people free-ly once...
  6. hugrr

    BMJ's coming to Southampton

    I've just been checking my local teams pre-season fixtures, and we've got Ajax coming to town on the 18th of July. It'll be good to see the big man in town.