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  1. ostrov

    Lord Alan Sugar

    In his appearance at the Oxford Union, Alan made some interesting comments about Spurs.
  2. ostrov

    Dele Alli parties in Ibiza What do you think of Mirror coverage? Is it not spiteful, revengeful and grossly unfair? What is he supposed to do on his holidays? Go hiding, mourn the fiasco, go to monastery? What do you think?
  3. ostrov

    Tottenham will let Alex Pritchard leave I find that astonishing tbh. Up until December we are going to play twice most weeks and we let...
  4. ostrov

    Where is match poster?

    Question for mods: Why can't we see the banner for tomorrow's game?
  5. ostrov

    Rubin Kazan - Spurs

    Hi fellow Yids. About 50 Russian Spurs from different cities are going to support the team in Kazan on November 3rd. Today we have spoken with club safety officer Sue Tilling in Kazan. She assured us that her take on that all Spurs seat together is absolutely fine. Though she said she must...
  6. ostrov

    Dancing with Pav.

    Some daft video. Pav is a guest at very popular in Russia students contest between Universities. The girl's asking him very promiscuous questions :wink:
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    My friends, sorry to bother you. Yesterday died my dear fellow Spurs fan to the brain of his bone. He lived in Moscow, but he loved Tottenham truly. He knew all the History. Attended as much as he could. He was 42. His heart simply stopped. His name was Pete Gostev. RIP.
  8. ostrov

    Did Pavlyuchenko refuse to take the pen against Werder?

    Can anyone confirm Harry said that after the game on ITV1?
  9. ostrov

    Rage against Sepp Blatter.

    Dear Members, We would like to thank you for joining our group. Furthermore, we would like to say, that we started this not just to let off steam after recent disappointments of refereeing at top level. Over many years, we found ourselves being subjected to “human error” by...
  10. ostrov

    Happy Birthday Harry Redknapp!

    He is 63 today. Many happy returns, dear fellow.
  11. ostrov

    Lack of Intellingence

    Lack of intelligence is the root of the problems at current squad. We sold our three most clever players in Keane, Berba and Malbranque. Who would you say is most clever player now? For me it’s obvious – Modric, but only on the basis of performances for Croatia. And Huddlestone. But both...
  12. ostrov

    Spurs in Russia

    We have a website I am a contributor. As for today 360 registered users. Forum is the most interesting part of it, of course. Majority from Russia. Also fans from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia - all Russian speakers. All fanatical about Spurs. Fans in St Petersburg regularly...
  13. ostrov


    I know It's cruel, but please forgive me, I can not deny myself the pleasure to share the brilliance of Arshavin in the game yesterday. Zenit - Luch 8-1 Shava( nickname) was the main tormentor & orchestrator. We need him heaven & earth at Spurs
  14. ostrov

    Arshavin we need.

    We must be crazy to not bid for this player. He's a match winner at the highest level. One of the best in the world. The game against Sweden proved that, if any prove was needed. You won't find more intelligent and skilful player. And I have been led to believe that Tottenham is exactly the club...
  15. ostrov

    Would Arshavin fit into Tottenham team?

    Did anyone see devastating Zenit performance v Bayer yesterday? Arshavin was terrific. Scored one brilliant individual goal and set up another for Pogrebnyak. Moreover Ramos knows Arshavin very well from his Seville days. He was instrumental in signing Arshavin's best pal Kerzhakov from Zenit...