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    Game night/morning in Manila

    KO is at 4am.. I'm here overnight on a stopover before Australia and wondered if there's anywhere in Manila (Makati) that might be showing the game at 4am? Thanks guys!
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    Would you rather...

    Would you rather finish in the top 4 and arsenal win the league, or finish outside the top 4 and arsenal finish 2nd?
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    Highlights and full match vs City?

    Anyone know where I can D L? Thanks in advance, Ds
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    Europa League away games tickets...

    Guys, I'm not a member this year. But I want to go to one of our euro away games. Possible and how? Love u all. DS
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    Lads in Singapore Changi

    Connecting flight to bali, looked up and saw our boys completely randomly. Shook kanes hand. Legend. Chadders is funny! Was doing drive bys on the airport buggy lol! Nothing special, but I was so surprised and happy. Thought I'd share!
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    Spurs v everyone... No radio?

    Media coverage says it's on BBC radio London but it not :(. Need it for drive to Swiss cottage asap. Can anyone help? Love u all.
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    Is this a good seat?

    Been to WHL fair few times but very irregularly. Wondering if you guys could let me know what a seat would be like in East stand upper block C? Friend got a ticket for £125 for tomorrow.. Cheers, Ds Ie is the seat worth that kind of money?
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    All our fullbacks out.

    Walker, fryers, Norton, rose. Bae too unless we can get someone better. These positions imo have cost us the most points and problems this season.
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    Azza vs Andros

    If you could only keep one, who would it. Azza for me!
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    If you've seen any of my posts r.e. Moussa recently, you wouldn't be blamed for marking me as one of his harshest critics. However, from his displays since and including Manure, he's improved a great deal. While I never doubted his footballing (skills etc) ability, I did question his vision in...
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    Is it our players or our tactics?

    So without necessarily blaming any individuals, what do you guys think is the root of our problems? it's easy to blame AVB and his tactics... However, for me, I find it hard to believe tactics alone can see a team (who are not crap) lose by a 6 goal margin, to anyone. Our formation should not...
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    Missing midfield conductor?

    We're missing a Modric. Someone who patrols around the centre circle and conducts the play. Players makes the runs around him and he plays to serve the. I've found all season that our cm's are too impatient and don't seem to know their roles. They get forward too often and it disrupts the...
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    Do we remember what a through ball is?

    I honestly can't remember the last time we executed a smooth bit of play. We get into the final third and it's just square ball, after square ball, then either a tame shot from far or dead cross from deep... Or even back passes, completely choking our attack. I'm seeing occasional decent runs...
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    And still no Ade?!

    Wtf?? At 0 1, defoe was impotent until his goal perfect opportunity to bring Ade on and play long balls. But no. Then at 0 2, with a 2 goal cushion, ever sweeter an opportunity to bring him on.. Ade must be really shit in training or Avb must have a serious problem with him because I don't...
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    The Balewatch thread is going to be pretty dry.. For some time I presume :(. Poor Bale. On the other hand, Modders has been putting in sublime shift after sublime shift this season and is now in my opinion the second name of the team sheet. Isco is good, but not as well-rounded as Modders...
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    Who's actually going to Sherriff Tiraspol

    After reading up the place and the team, I'm genuinely curious as to who might be going to this away game? I was telling some non-footballing friends about the fixture and the place and they were like "who would go to watch the away team!?".. Hats off to those lucky few, whoever you are. You...
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    Capoue back when?

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    Chiriches for Dawson?

    Please can we stop playing Dawson? I like him n all and yeah he gives it his all. But I'm afraid his all isn't enough. He's so far from prem standards it's quite extraordinary. Walker (I want him gone too, but we have no other options) | Chiriches | Vince Kaboul | Verts That is all.
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    Villa vs Spurs (Capital One Cup) highlights?

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    spurs vs norwich highlights

    anyone have them? or full match?