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  1. ajspurs

    New Nike Kits 20-21

    Extremely early news for one of the kits next season. Still hoping for a yellow kit :( EXCLUSIVE: Nike Tottenham 20-21 Away Kit to Be Greenish Sunday, 22 September 2019 Yesterday, we exclusively leaked that the new FC Barcelona 2020-21 away kit will be black. Now we have received the first...
  2. ajspurs

    A positive take on Spurs as a club Chokers lacking ambition? No, Tottenham are an admirable club the rest should want to emulate Spurs are an established elite team and have overtaken Arsenal...
  3. ajspurs

    New Kit 19/20

    Today we can give you a first overview about the Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 third kit by Nike, including its colors, release date and bits about its design. TOTTENHAM 19-20 THIRD KIT This picture shows the colors of the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2019-2020 third jersey. The Nike Tottenham 2019-20...
  4. ajspurs

    Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - Super Cup Final

    Anyone watching? Did Costa have any right to score at the near post like that?!
  5. ajspurs

    New Kit 18-19

    A few very early details of our new away kit here. Today we can share the first details on Tottenham's 18-19 away kit. In the club's second season with Nike, the Tottenham 2018-2019 jerseys are expected to be launched earlier than they were this summer. This image shows the base colors of the...
  6. ajspurs

    La Liga 2017-18

    Real Madrid taking the piss with Barcelona at the moment in the cup. Barca look like they need a lot of quality freshness to the team.
  7. ajspurs

    Dele Alli - Teammates (Video)

    Anyone seen this? Apologies if posted, I only just came across it. Made me laugh though. Rose being the 'teacher's pet' is funny because I just saw pictures of him hugging Poch in training today :D Kane being the kit man's nuisance because he likes all his clothes extra tight and Dembele being...
  8. ajspurs

    The Play-Offs

    Anyone watching? Ive gotta say I love watching the Championship ones. Derby have pulled a goal back early and if they get one more then it's game on!
  9. ajspurs

    Thierry Henry to Join Sky Sports as Pundit

    I know he's a gooner, but I'm actually quite happy about this. He's another one who's opinion I'm actually quite interested to hear, like when he's been on Sky before. Surprisngly I really like Carragher and Neville on Sky so it will be more entertaining and worth listening to with Henry also IMO.
  10. ajspurs

    Lloris... And the players reactions to him

    Well, I really do like Lloris, I think he's a fantastic keeper and has traits that not too many top keepers have but there's no doubt that he's going through a tough time at the moment and although he's still making great saves, he's costing us at times or putting us under pressure also. His...
  11. ajspurs

    Anyone here go to away games by themselves?

    I live in Southampton so I got to go to the game today, originally my dad was going to get them in the Saints end as he knows someone who can get tickets and asked if I wanted to go, I said not unless it's in the away end because I won't want to restrict my emotions! Anyway he managed to get...
  12. ajspurs

    Sky Sports' views on Spurs

    Thought there should just be a thread to put in and discuss any Spurs related opinions and discussions that have taken place on Sky, whether it be from Gillette Soccer Saturday or just Sky Sports News generally or from the panel/commentators from a live match. It can obviously be from ITV, BBC...
  13. ajspurs

    Goals on Sunday to feature Defoe and Townsend

    Defoe and Townsend will be in the studio on Goals on Sunday tomorrow at 10.30 on Sky Sports 1 so this is just a heads up, I just made sure to put it on the Sky planner! I hate how these Sunday morning programmes never seem to be repeated so if you miss it then that's it.
  14. ajspurs

    A joy to watch

    There weren't many times I could say that last season if I'm honest.... But I thought we were brilliant today, and this isn't me getting overexcited about just a home win over Norwich but more so over the signs that were visible today. It just felt like an all round performance, everyone...
  15. ajspurs

    We need a lot of work

    It's strange, despite the range of positives this season I feel we really need a lot of work done to the team. Bale has certainly almost single handedly carried us along throughout the season too, well, at least in the 2nd half of the season. We have the striker situation where IMO, not only do...
  16. ajspurs

    Under Armour + Our training gear

    Just wondering, can anyone vouch for what our training gear is like? I actually love some of the training stuff, the little silver additions are really nice that some of them have so I thought I'd go for one of them as apposed to one of the kit shirts as I wanted a fitted one anyway and they...
  17. ajspurs

    Our shirts, normal + fitted (Bale like)?

    I'm wanting to buy one of this seasons shirts soon as I really like all of them, will probably go with the away or 3rd as I don't like wearing white and we seem to wear the 3rd a lot more than the away for some reason so am leaning to that. Anyway, I actually prefer the tighter fitting tops...
  18. ajspurs

    4-3-3: Default formation?

    Should this be what we primarily use now? I really do like the solidity that it gives us and I for one would certainly like to see it more, the only thing is it does raise a few issues still. Would it result in Lennon being a permanent substitute? How would it effect VDV? He wouldn't be...
  19. ajspurs

    Annoyance with Sky's football coverage

    Well, I am the type of person that doesn't like to miss a second of a match that Spurs are playing but anyway, my dad doesn't seem greatly bothered, but I fucking hate it. Does it piss anyone else off when Sky continue to show replays, or a manager/player in the dugout etc when the match is...
  20. ajspurs

    2012/13 + Euro 2012 New Kits

    I'm not sure some of these club strips here are all real but they're interesting nonetheless. Just to get it started, a few here: Arsenal, Barcelona, Man United Home Strips Chelsea Home Barcelona Away Portugal Away Greece Home + Away + GK England GK...