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  1. Lighty64

    consistency by the FA

    why has Ancellotte not received a touchline ban, when Poch got 2 for his 1st offence last season v Burnley with that **** Dean inciting an extra comment with whatever he said
  2. Lighty64

    Level 2 North Stand view and food bars?

    okay, all today I purchased a ticket for the RBL CL match before when I've been in the North I've always been on level 4. Today I purchased a ticket and as the title says it's on level 2 of the North. as a disabled supporter, I finally purchased a mobility scooter, so I wanted to try it out at...
  3. Lighty64

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football 2019/20

    I have just renewed it so for any new users it's up and running I have set the main league up Spurs Community Mad Mob League code: dhorty ------------------------------------------------- Also set up a head to head league Spurs Community him v him League...
  4. Lighty64

    CL Final where will you be watching it

    Just an idea as I've seen a few threads popping up, and it might be an idea to just have one. if the admin or mobs think this is a crap idea, please remove. me and my daughter will be watching it live at the stadium screening, gutted I wasn't able to get a guest ticket for my son.:( edit: hope...
  5. Lighty64

    Fixture rant

    I very rarely rant about a subject but I really wished I knew the answer to this, because it does my bloody head in. every season 3 things happen (old age so please put right if I am wrong) we always seem to play Arsenal away in the 1st half of the season, and always seem to play Liverpool at...
  6. Lighty64

    Game for Game comparison 2018/19

    Hi All all ready to go for next season hopefully we will get close to or better than our last season at the old Lane(y) the 3 promoted and the 3 relegated Wolves - Swansea Cardiff - Stoke Fulham - WBA some changes to the link below, though might only be viewable on a PC...
  7. Lighty64

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football 2018/19

    it's up and running I have set the main league up Spurs Community Mad Mob Pin: 360120-77428 ------------------------------------------------- Also set up a head to head league Spurs Community him v him Pin: 360120-77450 Can I request this thread becoming a...
  8. Lighty64

    Alan Gilzean (born is the king of White Hart Lane) RIP

    get well soon Alan
  9. Lighty64

    Sir Alex Ferguson seriously ill

    reported on SSN that Sir Alex Ferguson is in a serious condition Get well soon, really hope he gets through his operation
  10. Lighty64

    Game for Game comparison 2017/18

    Hi all I know I said I wasn't going to do this for the new season, but with a little help on something I might change my mind and it will save someone else doing so. last season it all looked a little untidy and scrambled, I have created an excel spreadsheet, how do I put it on here to show...
  11. Lighty64

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football 2017/18

    I have set the main league up SpursCommunity Pin: 161471-296201 ------------------------------------------------- Also set up a head to head league SpursCommunity Pin: 161471-296595 Can I request this thread becoming a sticky please @Rob, @Archibald&Crooks or any admin that can do so...
  12. Lighty64

    Roll on Sunday

    as a Spurs fan that started going to the lane in 73/74 my true idol of that time was the great Pat Jennings. This Sunday at 06:00am I will be picking him up from his home and taking him to St George's Park 130 miles with the great man in my taxi, I feel like a little kid with Xmas only being a...
  13. Lighty64

    Team v Wycombe

    Vorm- ---------CCV-----Dier---Wimmer ------- ----Trippier---Winks----Onamah---- Davies ----Sissoko--------------N'Koudou Janssen Lopez, KWP, Wanyama, Edwards, Alli, Eriksen, Son, not sure if Poch will go with some more of the youth, but with injuries to 3 key players Verts, Toby and...
  14. Lighty64

    A request to admin

    sorry for wasting a thread in here, but when someone new signs up is there anyway they can be warned of possible health hazards on the site "YANKSPURS!"
  15. Lighty64

    No Boxing day fixture, other sky fixtures

    this is going to feel weird as I can't remember us ever not playing on a boxing day our fixture away to Southampton is now on 28th December after sky announced their fixtures for December and January...
  16. Lighty64

    Game for Game Comparison 16-17

    please accept my apologies for a bit of laziness, as the few lines below have been pinched from the start of last seasons thread by @nicdic (sorry nicdic) i will also apologize for not going to be able to always post updates as new posts but will update this thread as soon as i can. any way as...
  17. Lighty64

    The Run-in (top 6) --- Our Hopes -- Not best, or Worst-- Your Expected Result & why

    with 6 weeks to go, sitting 7pts behind Leicester, 4pts in front of Arsenal, 8 in front of Man C, 9 in front of Man U, and 11 in front of West Ham. I have included the last 2 because both could mathematically catch us, but also will have a big say in what who finishes in the top4 and what order...
  18. Lighty64

    Old Trafford

    As a taxi driver in the Hertford area I get to travel into London quite a bit with one of my account customers and go past the library to often. Last night I got a job to Salford with a pick up later for some kids on the Jeremy Kyle show. Due to the time I've to wait I visited old Trafford and...
  19. Lighty64

    First Team Player Profiles --- big time errors

    Whether they will be the same by time anyone gets to view the link, or it's an error using an iPad, but looking at the link below, if the whole squad was to view it as it's showing there will be a good few not to amused. Especially Lamela :woot...
  20. Lighty64

    I wonder what will happen to Spurs when?

    when JL kicks it, if he still owns Spurs when it happens. has he got a big family? the biggest worry would be is instead of selling us off, they might just go about selling our best players year in year out without replacing them to earn a decent crust, but do enough to keep us in the EPL...