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  1. Gbspurs

    Season review

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but in lieu of a DVD these are always great. Fantastic season in the end despite the low of the champions league exit and pre Christmas form.
  2. Gbspurs

    Day 7: England vs Wales, Ukraine vs Northern Ireland, Germany vs Poland

    So today's the day. Not sure the last time I was so "hyped" for a match, maybe the 2nd NLD last season? Not only am I desperate for England to progress but I don't want our lads to play poorly and bexome the tournament scapegoats. Aside from that there is also the prospect of another home...
  3. Gbspurs

    Sunday 14th Feb

    No this isn't a thread about Valentines Day but shaping up to be one of the most important 'super sundays' for us for many a year. Man City vs Spurs Arsenal vs Leicester With the fixtures before this game being kind for us and with Man City playing Leicester the weekend before, this set of...
  4. Gbspurs

    League Cup 2015

    Doesn't seem to be a thread on this? I'm pretty happy right now that we got knocked out, the prospect of a week off is miles better! Arsenal currently 2 down at Sheffield Wednesday!
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    Cherno Samba retires

    What a legend. Won everything there is to be won. He once scored 40 PL goals in a season when he drove Spurs to the PL + CL double. He was Englands record goal scorer at the age of just 25. Ended up leaving for Barcelona after he got fined for missing training. Still a legend though. Shame...
  6. Gbspurs

    New ideas

    Just reading through a number of threads it seems people have a lot of great ideas they would put in place to "change" the game, preferably for the better. Though it would he interesting to have a thread to see what people come up with. Mine is a bit lightweight but I would like there to be a...
  7. Gbspurs

    Prize money

    So there an article on bbc sport about the lack of parity in prize money between mens and womens sports, with football being mentioned as one of the worst offenders. This gist of it is that they want to close the gap and they talk about 70% of sports...
  8. Gbspurs

    Ryder Cup 2014

    Bit early but seeing as the automatic selections were finalised today it seems a good time for a thread. These are the 9 automatic picks: 1Rory McIlroy (NI) 2Henrik Stenson (Swe) 3Victor Dubuisson (Fra) 4Jamie Donaldson (Wal) 5Sergio Garcia (Spa) 6Thomas Bjorn (Den) 7Justin Rose (Eng) 8Martin...
  9. Gbspurs

    Uh oh...... its happening again.

    Something dreadful is happening to me, something which after last year I swore would never happen again....... I, Gbspurs, am sad to say that I'm now excited and optimistic about next season. :( I cant help it, and the feeling is getting stronger. End of the season I was about as "done" with us...
  10. Gbspurs

    Third Kit 2012/13

    Just a random one. Not the most popular kit but for those that like it and wear a small it can be had for a tenner on club website. Might not be of interest to anyone but thought I would post just in case...
  11. Gbspurs

    Champions League 2013/14 Thread

    Seems like a good time to start this now that the play off matches have been drawn. Champions League play-off round: Dinamo Zagreb v FK Austria Vienna Ludogorets v Basle Plzen v Maribor Shakhtyor Karaganda v Celtic Steaua Bucuresti v Legia Warsaw Lyon v Real Sociedad Schalke 04 v FC Metalist...
  12. Gbspurs

    Number 2's

    It occurred to me when watching MOTD and MOTD2 that a lot of teams this week were playing with their "number 2" keeper (based on their postion at the start of the season). Just from a quick count I saw these keepers play this weekend; Wigan - Blazquez Newcastle - Elliott Everton - Mucha Villa -...
  13. Gbspurs

    CL Fixtures 12th/13th Feb

    Can't see a thread on this and wondered if anyone was watching Celtic Vs Juve? Amazed a penalty hasn't been given for the wrestling in the penalty area. Celtic have been pretty good to be fair. Should be a pretty exiting 2nd half.
  14. Gbspurs

    Is it possible to have "too many" left footers?

    We seem to have a make up of left footers in our team that we haven't seen the likes of before, and I wondered if this can cause problems? It occurred to me yesterday as there was a couple if occasions where Dembele didn't notice an easy ball to the left to an overlapping player and chose the...
  15. Gbspurs

    Arsenal postpone Boxing Day game

    Just saw this on SSN because of proposed tube strikes. Seems odd to me. I know this happens but games have been played before when tube strikes have been on. The suspicious side of me suspects that both teams would rather avoid the hectic Christmas schedule and that has led to this decision...
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    Not sure if this has been posted yet but it made me chuckle. Ha!
  17. Gbspurs

    Overrated player from the past

    Ryan's thread got me thinking about those times when you tell your mates to "watch out for this kid" and rave all about your latest acquisition like they were the illegitimate love child of Pele and Eusebio, and they turn out to be, well, more than a little tripe! What players from our past do...
  18. Gbspurs

    Michael Owen watch

    Dont know why but i still rate michael owen and will be keenly observing how he gets on now he has moved. Wish he had gone somewhere years ago and im still hoping he gets back into the England squad and bangs a few in. What do people think, is this transfer going to be a disaster and spell the...
  19. Gbspurs

    Competition - when will our first signing be?

    It's that time of year again when we are all looking for any scrap of ITK information to tell us who we are going to sign. So obviously we now know we are signing Hazard and Vertonghen and all his pals, but the real question is when?? This is a little game, just for fun, although if I can be...
  20. Gbspurs

    This better be an April fools joke.

    No not the sharing the emirates one, but the Gareth Bale article. In one short article he manages to say that Harry should leave and that he wouldnt say no if Real or Barca game in.