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  1. $hoguN

    Who stays and who goes?

    It’s pretty evident that Jose is embarking on a rather large rebuild of the squad. To avoid continually having to read this in player threads, in the transfer rumour section, I thought it would be worth posting a thread giving space to air their views on who stays and who goes in the Jose...
  2. $hoguN

    [Update 14] hertyid on Poch

    Who: hertyid Where: COYS When: 14th May This was originally posted by dovahkiin in the ITK discussion thread, so a big thanks must go to him.
  3. $hoguN

    [Update 13] Trix on Poch

    Who: Trix Where: COYS When: 14th May Big thanks to Spursh who posted this in the ITK discussion thread
  4. $hoguN

    [Update 2] cabinessence with Rock Solid Info...

    Who:cabinessence Where:FTL When: 6/5/14 Big thanks must go to dovakhin for his whoring skills. (If this shouldn't be posted in here my apologise)
  5. $hoguN

    [Update 395] JJ on LB and Others ...

    Where: Twitter Who: JJ When: Deadline day The original JJetset ‏@jetsetyid Protected account 1m @Agraled yeah doom as we have bought 7 players.... Probably grab a LB today & a few options available!!
  6. $hoguN

    [Update 75] JJ... Some clarification

    Who: JJ Where: Twitter When 18th June 2013
  7. $hoguN

    [Update 74] Grey Fox in response to JJ info

    Who: Grey Fox Where: SC When: 18th June 2013
  8. $hoguN

    [Update 20]BathYid on Bale

    Who: BathYid Where: FTL When: 23/05/13 BathYid: EDIT: This info was originally found by bgoldie.
  9. $hoguN

    AVB confirms Bale will be involved against City

    On SSN now. Apparently AVB has confirmed Bale is fit enough to be involved :cool:
  10. $hoguN

    [Update 35] hertyid re Leandro Damiao

    Who: hertyid Where: COYS When: 9/1/13
  11. $hoguN

    [Update 32] Ryantegan on Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

    Who: ryantegan Where: SC When: 9/1/2013
  12. $hoguN

    [Update 27] Grey Fox's Transfer Summary

    Who: Grey Fox Where: SC When: 8/1/13
  13. $hoguN

    [Update 26] ryantegan in response to update 25

    Who: ryantegan Where: SC When: 8/1/13
  14. $hoguN

    The Game is About Glory

    Firstly if this is in the wrong section sorry Mods, but I wasn't sure where else it should go. So.... The Mrs has asked me what I want for christmas this year and I replied I'd like a canvas of the following picture to hang in the house because the picture sums up exactly why I love us...
  15. $hoguN

    Gervinho's celebration?

    Does anyone know what Gervinho's celebration is all about? Looks a hell of a lot like a Nazi salute to me, but clearly it isn't otherwise people would be going ape shit.
  16. $hoguN

    Did tonight show Lloris and Caulker should play against QPR?

    Personally, I think tonight showed how important it is to play Caulker and Lloris in the PL. Lloris' distribution and general command of his area was far superior to anything Friedel is offering nowadays. On a similar note, Caulker slotted into this formation seamlessly was assured in...
  17. $hoguN

    Twitter Transfer Talk

    Thanks for the refresh A&C
  18. $hoguN

    [Update 76] wpd659 on King's options

    Where: SC When: 1st June Who: wpd659
  19. $hoguN

    [Update 71] storts re: Rafa

    Where: SC When: 30th May Who: storts
  20. $hoguN

    [Update 64] Jasper has a rant on Harry

    Who: Jasper When: 30th May Where: SO *Thanks to mortev for posting on SC