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  1. Japhet

    New transfer window rules.

    Can anybody clarify where we stand with the 2018 transfer window rules. Our window opens and closes earlier than the rest of Europe, so, we can presumably buy players from anywhere, even though the window isn't open in other countries. Do we then have to wait to register them til the other...
  2. Japhet

    Sea change this transfer window?

    Seems to me that there have been some quite pleasing changes during this window. Players like Van Dijk, Sanchez, Coutinho and Costa have not been allowed to leave simply because they've thrown a strop. Players like Barkley and Oxlade Chamberlain seem to have identified that there is something...
  3. Japhet

    Hats off to Rio Ferdinand

    He and his restaurant have donated £500k to make sure no children go without a present this Christmas and has also stumped up for 11,500 sleeping bags for the homeless. Heart-warming stuff.
  4. Japhet

    Dangerous play.

    I don't understand how Diego Costa's goal against Swansea is not dangerous play. His overhead kick narrowly missed connecting squarely in Kyle Naughton's face and could easily have caused very serious injury. Anywhere else on the pitch it would have been penalised. This is nothing to do with my...
  5. Japhet

    I Love The Press.

    No! Not those scumbags! I'm talking about the way Spurs play! Last season the much heralded Pochettino press was a very hit and miss affair. We saw glimpses of it but IMO it was largely a rather chaotic and unproductive affair. Individual players seemed to charge after the ball every now and...
  6. Japhet

    Zonal marking.

    Anyone a fan? I'm certainly not. Can anyone explain why it is anything other than a disaster waiting to happen and why we seem to be using it. Ta.