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    Buying Match Day Tickets

    Sorry have query via a friend. On the site the listed tickets are in the home sections aren't they? Also has anyone used StubHub or any of the Spurs tickets options that people use on Twitter? If so any good?

    Arsene's first summer

    Matthew Upson Luton £2,000,000 Alex Manninger Graz AK £500,000 Emmanuel Petit Monaco £2,500,000 Gilles Grimandi Monaco £2,500,000 Luis Boa Morte Sporting Lisbon £1,750,000 Alberto Mendez FC Feucht. Marc Overmars Ajax £7,000,000 Lee Canoville Millwall After his first season I know the...

    New Striker

    Regarding the Goats latest bleat does anyone have any idea what new Centre Forward they are referring to? I'm struggling to think of one who is A. Available and B. Better than Adebayor.


    I've been waiting 8 years for this. I mainly work from a studio space in the Northern Quarter which I share with two United fans and one Burnley fan. Monday is going to be wonderful.

    It's Villas-Boas not AVB

    I was discussing this with a colleague today. The media, supporters and pundits have abbreviated Villas-Boas' name out of laziness, but personally I think it shows a lack of respect. You wouldn't hear other managers being referred to as AF, RM why has Villas-Boas? I know it may be...

    I love our Chairman

    Best new training ground in Europe. New shiny stadium on the way. Does business by the book. We are financially strong. We are lucky, very lucky. I'm not overly excited by all of our signings, but it's a solid window. Anyone who can sign Lloris for 8 mil is just incredible considering how tough...

    This season.

    We are entering into one of the toughest seasons in a long long time. The Premiership is a simple two horse race. Chelsea don't concern me, Arsenal do because Arsenal always concern me and Liverpool will improve as they have made a fantastic appointment in Rodgers. I know this is a bold...

    Sigurdsson's Position

    Sorry I've not seen any of our pre season games. What position has Sigurdsson been played in so far?

    Away Shirt

    Has anyone purchased yet? I'm not down until August and was going to buy online. Any ideas on fit etc....?
  10. THOWIG

    Utd vs Bilbao

    Covering the match tomorrow. There are a lot of Bilbao supporters in town. I think it's going to be a fantastic game. Really interested to see how Bilbao line up. Think United are in for a shock.
  11. THOWIG

    Kevin Doyle

    Amazing performance at the weekend. Would be very happy to see him at Spurs. Wolves look a different side this season with the addition of Johnson and O'Hara. The Fletcher/Doyle partnership looks very promising.
  12. THOWIG

    Would Harry consider.....

    Swapping Bale to the right side of midfield or as a right sided forward ala Robben? With the continual links to the likes of Gervinho, Lavezzi I just wondered if the solution was already there?
  13. THOWIG

    2010/11 kit

    Sorry does anyone know a site where you can still pick up this seasons kit? Only seen them for Xl or Xxxl. Cheers
  14. THOWIG

    Who is better

    I have a confession. I looked on another spurs forum. I know I know I'm sorry Spurscommunity she meant nothing to me. I read an article, if you could call it that, along the lines of sell Gomes, sell Assou Ekotto, sell Hutton and sell Crouch. A couple of those I agree with, but it made me...
  15. THOWIG

    Away Tickets

    Can someone tell me what is the score with non members trying to buy tickets for our away games. Do they have to be a member?
  16. THOWIG


    I was sent a DVD last week of all the Internacional Libertadores games and finished watching it today. He may have gone unnoticed by some quarters of the press, but I think we have signed a real talent. I hadn't seen him play for a year and he's improved considerably.
  17. THOWIG


    Will not be offended if people don't want this or it isn't possible to set up on this site, but wanted to see if we could start a thread on scouting ie player analysis of players that people have watched from this coming season? I've seen it on other forums and I always find it interesting. I...
  18. THOWIG


    Has any of the Itks on here heard any snippets about Diego(Juve)?
  19. THOWIG

    Steven Fletcher

    This might seem an odd thread so thank you for reading. You won't get the time back. For years I've been working between Manchester, London and all over Europe. This season I have removed London from that equation and subsequently have seen more North West teams play than ever before. At...
  20. THOWIG

    Miguel Veloso

    He might make me eat my words. Has been outstanding this season. Was fortunate to see the game live last night and he ran the show. Really pulled his finger out.