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    Dawson in an England shirt :clap:
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    Diego Godin?

    Hasn't played much in this World Cup, due to an injury(i think) Does anybody else rate the dude??
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    Fucking love the bloke, show your appreciation below(even you BC, i know you want) :bowdown:
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    Strange but True

    Bus conductor loves his stats to boost his opinions so here you go. (TELEGRAPH webpage is that right Butler?) Anyway as follows. Goal ASSISTS.... Huddlestone 3 Jenas 2 Lennon 8 Niko 4 ________________________________________ Chances Created....... Huddlstone 39...
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    Paul Stewart?

    The guy just popped into my head this morning(not in a gay way mind ya) Just wanted to know what other people felt about his time with Tottenham. I remember a friendly game against Rangers and there was some argy bargy(gazza was invloved) and paul stewart stuck one on one of the Rangers...
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    A real leader?

    We have a good squad and a good manager but without Ledley Kings presence on the pitch no one seems to beable to hold the team together or carry it forwards and take the game by the scruff of the neck(or even want to). If Ledley is going to be missing more often then not it does seem a big...
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    Zonal or Man Marking

    Which of two would you employ and why? What advantages does one have over the other and vice versa. As we seem to have an ongoing problem at defending set plays any decent delivery into our goal area seems to have most of them shitting themselves.
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    Another knee jerk reaction

    I fail to see where we are going, it's painful to watch such a pathetic embarrassing set up. We have absolutely know idea and show no signs of a team thats going to sort things out. BAE- dreadful, how he is selected and on what basis, week in and week out, is beyond me. Dawson- just shit...