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  1. Masamah

    "Spursy" is dead

    *Drops mic*
  2. Masamah

    Offer - Sprinter Sacre at EVENS!

    Just a heads up. Boylesports are offering Evens (opposed to 1/5 on) on a bet up to £20 on Sprinter Sacre if you sign up online today. It's like printing money.
  3. Masamah

    Horse: Todareistodo

    Been following this for a little while. Won LTO and runs again at Leicester 1.00pm. Has a good chance of winning - a must for any Spurs fan into the horses. Currently 7/2.
  4. Masamah

    Sandro: A Day in the Life

    This is quality. Love the Ronaldo and Adam bits.
  5. Masamah

    Medo Kamara

    Another potential Modric replacement link.