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  1. gushayes11

    F.A Cup 3rd Round.

    Draw tonight at 7, who do think we'll get. Prize to the winner... I'll go home to QPR.
  2. gushayes11

    Brazilian plane crash.

    Top flight Brazilian team crash on way to a game. Some fatalities.
  3. gushayes11

    Lennon in the news.
  4. gushayes11

    James Taylor retires.

    Sky reporting he's got a serious heart condition and has to retired immediately aged 26. Really sad, major talent who would have played many times for England. Hope it doesn't affect his day to day life too much...
  5. gushayes11

    John Terry leaving Chelsea

    Said he's going in an interview after the F.A cup game. Thoughts?
  6. gushayes11

    Harry Arter- Bournemouth Touching piece in the mail about Harry dealing with his still born daughter. Must be tough and great how the club and team mates helped him.
  7. gushayes11

    Pavel Srnicek dies.

    So sad, remember him well, only 47.
  8. gushayes11

    Gary Neville Valencia head coach

    Where did that come from?
  9. gushayes11

    Ramon Vega Clever chap doing well for himself. Got a lot of stick when he was here but seems a nice bloke whenever I see him interviewed.
  10. gushayes11

    U.S Open golf

    I was looking forward to this, love all the majors. But this Chambers Bay course looks absolutely awful. I'm all for challenging the best but the course designer has gone over the top IMO. There are some holes where the grass is the same length on the fairway,green and rough and has dots painted...
  11. gushayes11

    David Luiz- not your average footballer. Remaining a virgin until he's married according to this.
  12. gushayes11

    Ajax players mums as mascots. Nice touch by the players. Would this happen over here? They're get too much stick, imagine Terry's mum etc walking out in front of some crowds. Thief, thief..... Of Milf in the case of some.
  13. gushayes11

    Klopp leaving Dortmund

    Announced he's leaving at the end of the season. Top guy and manager. Odds on for Man City with some bookies.
  14. gushayes11

    Grand National 2015

    Total lottery of a race, love it though. After backing fancied horses the last few years and winning nothing, I've backed 2 outsiders this morning, Monbeg Dude and The Rainbow Hunter.
  15. gushayes11

    Golf- Masters 2015

    Can't wait for this, love the masters. Backing Snedeker each way plus one other but can't make my mind up.
  16. gushayes11

    England footballer arrested.
  17. gushayes11

    Craig Burley Torres tattoo

    Lost a bet apparently. Is it real?
  18. gushayes11

    3rd Round F.A cup draw.

    On live BBC 2 now.
  19. gushayes11

    Sun Dream Team Mini League

    I've posted this before but I thought I'd give it a thread. I've set a couple of Sun dream team mini leagues. Easy and free to do, you can keep changing your teams until the start of the WC. Keeps it interesting. Pin: 8079162 Password: coys
  20. gushayes11

    Fernando Ricksen

    Just read he has motor neurone disease. Very sad vid on Daily mail website. May not have many years left. Ex Rangers and Holland. Maybe someone could post vid.