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    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    I haven’t got a problem with players not playing due to fears for their health, however if they are unable to do their jobs then they need to be treated like everyone else. They need to take pay cuts in order for their employers to survive and that includes all clubs. It bothers me when larger...
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    One amazing night in Amsterdam

    Whilst this was an amazing night, looking back it just makes me sad. The fact that we went on to lose the final with such a lacklustre performance after this makes it seem so meaningless.
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    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    There are too many questions with no real answers. Football simply cannot return any time soon. I haven’t, until now, missed the game but it’s starting to hurt now. I know we’ve been awful but there is no relief from life at the moment. Even when we’re shit I come on here to read people’s...
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    Have you missed football?

    I’ve been falling out of love with the game for a while now. This has just confirmed what a horrible game it has become....players, pundits, presenters etc all arguing over guess what???Money!!! We’ve been told for many years now that football is a business. Well look at businesses all over the...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    You don’t want it mate. She may look ok but the sex is shite! Now I’ve got an STI and I miss my wife....
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    I feel like I’ve left my wife for the local slapper that everyone’s had a go on....
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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    If Kane goes I’ll give up my season ticket. Obviously the club is bigger than any player but he is Tottenham to me at the moment. I don’t really hold an affiliation to any of our other players and him leaving would reaffirm my dislike for the game as a whole these days.
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    I’m ashamed of myself for wanting Mourinho. Yes we are missing a few top class players but playing the way we are now is unacceptable. We are so boring to watch. I cannot understand why we never play 4-3-3?! Even with the injuries our squad is best suited to that formation!
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    Team for Chelsea...

    This is exactly how I feel. I know we’re short on attackers but Lucas just doesn’t do if for me. Tanganga should definitely play instead of Aurier.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    I’m sorry but I just don’t rate him. I like him as a squad player but for me he just isn’t good enough. Cue ‘you obviously don’t know anything about football’....
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Pathetic that they are increasing the prices already. My seat went up £300 from the equivalent at WHL. One season in and they are going up again!! No cup games, no vouchers. It’s not on.
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    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    This makes me ashamed that he represents our club. Forget the fact that he’s a footballer, there are too many idiots in this world with a platform to just do and say as they please. Pathetic.
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    Team v Norwich (H)

    Gazza Tanganga Sanchez Alderweireld Aurier Sessegnon Gedson Lo Celso Lucas Alli Son
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    NFL Hats at Spurs games

    I just like the colour.....😂 I also love me a Cleveland Indians hat, this is just because I love the 80s films with Charlie Sheen and the logo is pretty cool!😂
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    NFL Hats at Spurs games

    I’d agree with that. That’s actually a very good way of describing it. As I say I’ve got a few myself. I like the Seahawks idea if they’re any good though🤪😂
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    NFL Hats at Spurs games

    Maybe, it just feels a little weird to me. Perhaps I’m just getting old?! I also saw a woman coming out of the stadium at full time taking selfie’s in front of the cockerel and she had a Chelsea iPhone case?!!
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    NFL Hats at Spurs games

    Firstly I actually really like the NFL merchandise and have a few hats myself. Why though do so many fans have to wear them at our home games? I like a nice new era knit or cap but if I wear one to a game I always wear a Spurs one. What do others think? I just can’t understand wearing another...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread

    I’m lucky that I’m at most games so I don’t have to listen to the absolute shit that is spouted. ‘Stats, modern game, VAR, more stats, money, more stats, blah blah blah’. If I do have the misfortune of watching on tv I turn the sound down and skip the rest. To be honest I hate the game as a...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread

    Sorry I don’t agree. We went toe to toe with them in the second half and it definitely was edge of the seat stuff, certainly where I was. I don’t care what ‘neutrals’ think either.