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  1. DEFchenkOE

    Will we win a trophy under Poch?

    Following tonight's defeat, I'm curious as to what people think will happen in the future. Do you think Poch has what it takes to win us a trophy? Any trophy? For me it's difficult, in terms of league form this is the best Spurs team I have seen. But it's still not good enough to win the...
  2. DEFchenkOE

    Poll:Europa league or out of europe

    Personally, as much as I hate the Europa League as a competition, we need to try and win something. And it's not going to be the league, we're out of the league cup, so that would leave the EL and the FA Cup. Having said that, Poch will probably play a strong team up until the semis and then...
  3. DEFchenkOE

    Sunday League

    It's been a terrible start of the season for me and my team. First home game of the season, we conceded after 5 mins after a mistake from our captain. Then we go 0-2 down straight after half time from a corner. We then get 1 back straight away, I have a chance to make it 2-2 but I hit the...
  4. DEFchenkOE

    Spanish Cup Final

    Seems very weird that it's being held at the nou camp, but it looks amazing filled jam packed with both sets of fans, great atmosphere. 5 mins gone 0-0
  5. DEFchenkOE

    Football Apps

    I'm an Android user and usually use Fotmob for checking scores in the UK and around Europe etc, just started using FourFourTwo statszone which has been around on Apple devices for a while and available on pc but it's recently been released on Android. So far so good, a few bugs but they've just...
  6. DEFchenkOE


    Our last 6 league victories have all been 2-1. To me this says that we're struggling to put teams away while still giving away goals, but doing just enough to get the win. I know it's stating the obvious but we really really need to start getting more clinical.
  7. DEFchenkOE

    El Classico 2005

    Just watching this on SS5... So many modern football icons on the pitch at the same time. I didn't even remember all these guys played at the same time Real Casillas Ramos Roberto Carlos Zidane Beckham Raul R9onaldo Barca Puyol Xavi Iniesta Ronaldinho Etoo Messi All legends of the...
  8. DEFchenkOE

    Cameroon - Match fixing investigation..

    So apparently a convicted match fixer predicted Cameroon would lose 4-0 to Croatia and have a player sent off in the first half. So was Alex Song on the take? It's the only thing to me that would explain his ridiculous red card.
  9. DEFchenkOE

    Your Current Top 10 Players in the World

    Was listening to the radio and they was debating how many EPL players would be in the current top 10 of players right now, any position. This got me thinking and my current top 10 is as follows: Messi Ronaldo Suarez Zlatan Aguero Bale - Even though he's been injured and settling in he still...
  10. DEFchenkOE

    Why not Remy on loan?

    I thought this in the summer and still think now we made a massive error in not signing Remy on loan. He was available throughout the summer, had a good season so knew the league,, we have a good relationship with qpr after loaning/selling them a number of players, and he can play anywhere...
  11. DEFchenkOE

    Europa League 2013/14

    Not expecting anything from Newcastle, so 99% chance we're gonna be in this. My question is what to do once we are? Personally, after this season i'm thinking that we should play a mix of first team players who aren't regulars in the first 11, and some players from the under 21s. Let's...
  12. DEFchenkOE


    Couldn't find a thread but one of the few leagues remaining that are still tight at the top. 4 points separate the top 4 and Ajax go to PSV today, live on ESPN this afternoon. Should be a decent game.
  13. DEFchenkOE

    Team Goals

    Ok, hate to be negative after a great win. But surely GB can't keep scoring goals from outside the box to win us games, we at least need to help him by giving him some chances inside the box. We have 11 games left, and it's unrealistic for us to hope that Bale will do this in all the...
  14. DEFchenkOE

    Sir Alex at Harvard

    A few interesting reads on Fergie's visit to Harvard recently:
  15. DEFchenkOE

    Hughes gone, Harry fav

    Looks like HR will be back in work asap..
  16. DEFchenkOE

    Who will be AVB's no1 pick in the holding role??

    I think this position will be very important. I'm more specifically thinking about when he attempts to implement his 4-3-3. When he was at Porto he often used Fernando or Freddy Guarin in the middle of the midfield 3 and used Moutinho there a few times. There are some very good defensive...
  17. DEFchenkOE

    How do you see us lining up?

    I think it's clear that avb wants to play a 4-3-3 but do we have the players for it at the moment? What do you see as our best formation and personnel up until January where we might be able to strengthen? Lloris Walker-Dawson-Vertongen-Bae Siggurdson-Sandro-Dembele Dempsey-Ade-Bale Now I...
  18. DEFchenkOE

    When the panenka goes wrong....

    and everyone else scores the pen in the cl shootout....... oops There goes £15-£30m.
  19. DEFchenkOE

    Quick opinion poll - AVB

    So the bookies favourite seems to be AVB, so far in the threads opinions about him seem to be completely varied. So just want to try and see what the definitive feeling is towards AVB taking over from Hr. So please vote :-)
  20. DEFchenkOE

    Brazil V Mexico live now on ESPN

    Sandro and Gio starting, expecting a Brazil win but should be an entertaining game