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  1. Dan Yeats

    First XI?

    Right, this is getting silly now. I've seen many fans on twitter, and even some on popular podcasts, amiably squabbling over the first choice XI. This seems to be a particular issue in midfield (Son/Lamela) and LB. To my mind, although it can make for an entertaining topic, it's really a...
  2. Dan Yeats

    The HurriKane - key to defence

    I know he hasn't set the world on fire in front of goal so far, but boy the lad puts a shift in at the back. :cool:
  3. Dan Yeats

    I want to see CCV stand in for Eric Dier

    Admittedly, I've only seen a small amount of the lad, but Cameron Carter-Vickers is tall and good in the air, tactically astute and positionally aware, has a good tackle on him, a decent set of skills and range of passing, and seems mature beyond his years. He seems purpose built to 'do a Dier'...
  4. Dan Yeats

    Marc Albrighton?

    He's consistently impressed me for a number of years, and is only now, at 25, starting to hit his peak. He may not be as 'fashionable' a player as some, but would it be such a daft idea to try and get him in? Transfermarkt have him at the laughable value of £1.05m, which although clearly...
  5. Dan Yeats

    PLAYER WATCH: Paulinho

    I really, really hesitate to say this, but despite a few fuck-ups, is Paulinho expressing a fair amount of quality today? :eek:
  6. Dan Yeats

    GD stats throughout the seasons

    Our GD is generally a bit shit when compared to clubs on the same points. So I was wondering if: A set of pure GD league tables already exists online somewhere? Or... If one of our more stat-focused members might be able to put something along those lines together. I think it'd make...
  7. Dan Yeats

    Your 3 predictions for yoot to make the squad next season

    Dyke's proposals suggest we're all going to have to recruit from our academies more. IMO we're well set for that. Nothing guaranteed, but my money's on (in order); Pritchard. Right position, right attitude, right time, and tons of technique and firepower. I can see him tearing shit up on...
  8. Dan Yeats

    It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog

    We've got so much snap to us now. Not a dirty team a la the old Stoke (I'd never want that, we're Spurs FFS), but we've been lacking grit for so long. Poch has certainly given us that, particularly with our academy players that have broken through. It was beautifully demonstrated by Mason...
  9. Dan Yeats

    Tom Glover

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this kid actually quite feckin good?
  10. Dan Yeats

    Hugo - would you...?

    Well, frankly, I would. The man is the (younger) Cindy Crawrford of football. If he knocked on my poor right now, I'd be naked in 5 minutes tops. What say you SC? You know you want him, you know you do. :mask:;)
  11. Dan Yeats

    Aaron Lennon - is this just an insane idea?

    Right then - I love Azza, he's been with us through thick and thin, for a long time, and seems very loyal to the club. He's had patches of brilliance and patches of "meh" - but there haven't been many occasions when he's been genuinely dreadful. Above all, he's always appeared to give a damn...
  12. Dan Yeats


    I'm not racist but it's getting beyond a joke, and the numbers in our team clearly affected the result tonight.
  13. Dan Yeats

    I think I've had a stroke

    I'm sure I just watched 90m of football where we lost against West Bromwich Fucking Albion. But that can't be right can it? Could someone contact a doctor for me please? Ta.
  14. Dan Yeats

    Poch OUT!!!

    Well, you know - we may as well start now eh? The campaign starts here!
  15. Dan Yeats


    Fuck this. We're the worst. Life is awful. I'm supporting City or Chelsea or someone. Bollocking tottenham arseholes :mad:
  16. Dan Yeats

    An utterly ridiculous nickname/song for our new signing

    I propose he be nicknamed "Constantinople" As in... *ehem* Ben Stambouli was Constantinople Now it's Ben Stambouli, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it's Frenchy delight on a moonlit night No? Oh, okay then. :( :D
  17. Dan Yeats

    2 points from 8 games 'Arry?

    Okay, so far QPR have got 0 from 2. Next up they have: Sunderland Man U Stoke Saints W Ham Liverpool I think it's entirely conceivable that they could pick up a point against Stoke & West Ham, and lose the rest. And I would laugh.
  18. Dan Yeats

    Sherwood has gone!

    Etc etc etc. Post your poorly thought through kneejerk reactions here.
  19. Dan Yeats

    Info on fixtures - Youth, Academy, etc

    I'd really like to take the nipper to watch our younguns etc play when they have matches within reach of me. But the OS doesn't seem to publish any info on fixtures other than the first team. Windy clearly knows where and when they're playing, so I've tweeted him a couple of times asking how...
  20. Dan Yeats

    Mourinho calls big spenders 'economic sharks' in FFP era

    On the face of it, nothing to do with Spurs. But I can't help thinking we were in his mind here... And frankly, lol. You do...