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  1. guiltyparty

    Swiss Ramble: Spurs vs Newcastle finances

    Ashley compared to Levy. Interesting read The true cost of falling out of the Premier League and never spending on infrastructure And a reminder that while we’ll feel the pinch with the stadium temporarily, we’ve been making huge strides Altho: of our 215m profit from last decade, 188m...
  2. guiltyparty

    Spurs' Tunnel Club explained

    Fascinating article on Man City's Tunnel club, which we're getting a replica of in the new stadium
  3. guiltyparty

    Poch on the FIFA Coach of the Year shortlist
  4. guiltyparty

    F365 Premier League hall of shame: Tottenham

    They've been doing it for all clubs, we're up:
  5. guiltyparty

    Growing up supporting Tottenham

    Nice read on supporting Spurs in the late 50s and 60s today on F365, extract from Martin Cloake's book: My dad's era. Oh the the stories
  6. guiltyparty

    Ledley King caption competition

    From his Norway supporters meet and greet
  7. guiltyparty

    Kane as Keith Flint in Beats advert remake of Prodigy Firestarter

    Quite well done, though more skills and less staring at the camera would have been good
  8. guiltyparty

    Redknapp vs Arnesen in Standard

    So Harry's column today begrudgingly admits that this Spurs side is better than his - but not before this belter. Good to know Rochdale are so well trained. And that its just about "having athletes" - which is presumably why he signed Ryan Nelson. Turn the page and Arnesen throws shit in his...
  9. guiltyparty

    Leicester or Tottenham for title says Sporting Intelligence

    As ever from SI, an interesting read:
  10. guiltyparty

    "Tottenham are a fairy tale with no Prince Charming"

    Nice if standard-at-the-mo piece on F365. Lots of mentions of wage gaps you'll be pleased to know: "Pochettino has achieved 3 years' work in 12 months"
  11. guiltyparty

    John McDermott to Utd?

    Just caught this in a piece on Utd's academy plans that it's suggested they're going to nick McDermott Hope we can fend them off
  12. guiltyparty

    Wenger on signing Kane

    "He has great qualities and he will make a great career. But once a player is at Spurs you don't even consider him any more." A subtle attempt to put people off signing for us or just honest to goodness tribalism?
  13. guiltyparty

    Drax the Destroyer

    is all about the Spurs
  14. guiltyparty

    Marcus Edwards leaving rumour?

    Andrew Gaffney (@GaffneyVLC) 13/06/2015 12:27 Tottenham starlet Marcus Edwards removes "Tottenham Hotspur" from his Twitter bio. Cue the rumours.. Anyone got an info on his status? Scored a corker for the England U17s but appears to have removed Spurs from his biography on Twitter...
  15. guiltyparty

    Christian Eriksen: Spurs' fastest player

    And 11th fastest in the league. Really?! If so, says a lot about how much our team lacks pace. Although I think this must be on acceleration as surely...
  16. guiltyparty

    Financial results

    Interesting reading: Revenues up 22%, £54m debt in 2013 been turned into £3m funds in 2014. Net assets £120m more than year before. That's some serious financial sliverware right there
  17. guiltyparty

    'Spurs ground plan to put Arsenal in shade' - Times

    Anyone got a Times sub to add detail to this intro? Sounds intriguing "Tottenham Hotspur have drawn up secret plans to build the biggest club stadium in London after obtaining a crucial piece of land that is the subject of an intense legal challenge, The Times can reveal. In what will be seen...
  18. guiltyparty

    "No one today would dream of calling their club Hotspur"

    And that's why there will only be one. Piece by Patrick Collins in the Mail (hence no link) in support of Hull chairman trying to change the club's name. Excerpt: "Arsenal and Aston Villa, Leyton Orient and Accrington Stanley, West Bromwich Albion and Crewe Alexandra: the names flutter past...
  19. guiltyparty

    Spurs players taking the dollars

    Saw this Paulinho pic on Twitter and winced at the lashings of commercial degradation Made me think: what are the funniest corporate sell outs from Spurs players?
  20. guiltyparty

    Vertonghen crowd surfing

    Not something I ever thought I'd write Wonder if his insurance covers this :sneaky: