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  1. Lemon

    Match Threads Spurs vs AFC Bournemouth - Match Thread

    Cafu Walker-Peters!
  2. Lemon

    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Poch, basically, loves me.
  3. Lemon

    Marcus Edwards - Excelsior

    Language, first and foremost. How many young players would come to England with virtually zero English comprehension? Imagine yourself as a late teen, being sent to a new country to work where most of the language interaction was utterly alien to you, huge barrier, gaining the coaches trust...
  4. Lemon

    Maxi Gomez

    It was Martin Palermo who I was thinking of, no idea why I thought his name was Maxi Gomez
  5. Lemon

    Maxi Gomez

    Isn't he the blond guy that missed all those penalties one game? Must be getting on a bit now.
  6. Lemon

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    That was a joke (easy), I suspect both those players will go for nearer £80M-£100M than £50M if they leave next summer. But it was under the premise that we get a young playmaker from Real (Asensio, or basically their best young talent open to coming). Happy to give Lamela a shot at it if he...
  7. Lemon

    Marco Asensio

    But he might change his mind when he sees us in our new stadum, in the latter stages of the CL, and that Eriksen is going to push him further away from being a regular started (should that scenario play out). I'd rather keep Eriksen, but think the value may be in getting the best youngster we...
  8. Lemon

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    £50M+ offer for Sancho and £50M+ for NDombele Easy :)
  9. Lemon

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    £100M and Asensio would soften the blow...
  10. Lemon

    Team Vs Burnley

    LIORIS KWP - TOBY - VERT - DAVIES WINKS -- DIER LAMELA LUCAS ----------------------- SON ----- KANE------- Think Lamela and Eriksen still tend to get in each others spaces/lines/way a little, so rest Christian given his recent injury, plus I think that 3 has goals this season. Likewise rest...
  11. Lemon

    The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    Agree. He is very similar in physique to Ashley Cole (1 inch shorter), it is no barrier to being top quality at FB, lung capacity (or time until lactic acid overload) is helped usually by lower muscle mass. Dani Alves is shorter than KWP.
  12. Lemon

    Fixture rant

    In for we, in for we, they got it in for we. Does seem a very odd anomaly.
  13. Lemon

    Player Watch: Juan Foyth

    He is just adjusting to the pace of Prem Football, London Derbies (which makes him prone to rash challenges, being hundredths of seconds off the muscle memory pace). Once he is in sync with that he has all the tools to be epic.
  14. Lemon

    Jack Grealish

    enema you say...
  15. Lemon

    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 17 (30 June)

    Exactly, cracker :)
  16. Lemon

    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 17 (30 June)

    Cracker of a game
  17. Lemon

    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 17 (30 June)

    Yeah, but the rule is penalty if it continues in the box...
  18. Lemon

    Jack Grealish

    Freeeki, do you love his calfs? Poch has a thing about that story with Bielsa, I think Poch loves his Calfs also. To be fair, he looks really good, physique wise, for a midfielder or AM, but he carries a lot of muscle so might struggle with oxygen levels under the Poch regime, especially first...
  19. Lemon

    Jack Grealish

    Grealish is the word, is the word, is the word, It's got groove, it's got meaning (well you gave me little to work with there...)
  20. Lemon

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 26th June

    Maybe, or, perhaps i just meant - it always happens...