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  1. olliec

    Tottenham Chronicles

    A new podcast done by my friend. Two brothers who are retired Sunday league football players who give an in depth analysis after each of our games with a lot humour thrown in. First ep is here:
  2. olliec

    Are the scousers our new rivalry?

    Honestly this has been brewing for the last 5 or six years. Social media has started this I believe, but now both teams are playing for the biggest trophy in club football. Would anyone consider them a bigger rivalry than the Chavs? Be interesting to hear other people’s thoughts. We actually...
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    this i feel is quite a tough one, so would like to know what other people think. Is Jan Vertonghen becoming a bigger legend than our Ledley King?
  4. olliec

    Too much time on their pathetic hands

    Can we all report this ASAP so it gets taken down. I don’t think we want our new stadium called “shit hole” and be the butt of some pathetic goon twats joke! The New Shithole London N17 0AP
  5. olliec

    Either BBC really sucks or they are just completely biased against us!

    Latest piece of journalism from the BBC after the Liverpool win. "Liverpool are the only side to have taken maximum points from their three league games after reigning champions Manchester City dropped points at Wolves earlier on Saturday. Chelsea and Watford also boast a 100% record but have...
  6. olliec

    Rate Our Season

    So out of 10 what would everyone give our season and why? I am taking into consideration the fact we have played at Wembley all season as well. We've had some wonderful results, which includes the 4-1 hammering of Liverpool, and the game against Real Madrid. Beating the scum is always fun also...
  7. olliec

    Scott Parker Retirement

    Couldn't find a thread to bump, but was certainly one of the key players back in the old days. A lot of people were hit and miss with him because he wasn't so much of a footballer but in my opinion he was one of the best defensive midfielders in his prime. You knew what you was going to get with...
  8. olliec

    Glory, Glory Moments - Every Spurs Goal From Last Season

    Not sure who uploaded this, but my friend sent me this video which captures every single goal we scored last season in 15 sweet mins with English commentary.
  9. olliec

    To Watch Or Not To Watch

    The Chelsea game tonight. I am in 2 minds. It can be a quick stab in the heart if they win as our dream comes to an end or do we hope they draw or lose which still gives us a tiny glimmer of hope? What do people want from this game?
  10. olliec

    Sanchez 3/1 odds

    I know it's never going to happen, but it would be such sweet revenge for the Campbell saga Taking thier best player. Let's be honest who doesn't like the idea of a trio of Alli, Eriksen and Sanchez behind Kane? I think we would walk the league, and he has that winning mentality. I would take...
  11. olliec

    Vlog - FA Cup Match Against Fulham

    My friend just posted this brilliant video on FB and I thought it's certainly worth a share. Our away fans were brilliant. The HD quality of her phone as well makes you feel like you're there!
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    I wasn't sure where to post this but admin if it's in the wrong place then please move the post. Does anyone have any updated wallpaper designs for this season preferably with Son as he is the player in form at the moment, but Alli will do also (y)(y) Thanks in advance!
  13. olliec


    I know it is early days but right now we are exposed and leaving so much space in front of the back 4. We were lucky to escape with a draw yesterday in my opinion but when we changed back to 4-2-3-1 around the 60th min we cleaned up and looked a lot more comfortable in the middle. Can you see...
  14. olliec

    For those who hate Liverpool...

    I think I stood my ground pretty well after this bombardment. I was just wound up that Mane won the player of the month award. Even neutrals agreed it should of been Son or De Bruyne. Anyway for those who are interested you can read and maybe put in a few digs as well here....3rd one down with...
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    If the rumours are true about us looking into Benteke... Surely Lukaku would be a much better option and an amazing back up for Kane. What do you guys think? He already said that he wants to play CL football next season so looks like he is ready to quit Everton. Also be carrying on with the...
  16. olliec

    The goons falling apart!!!

    God maybe I am a sadist, but I love watching the goons fall apart completely. The fans hate the players and the manager and players hate and blame the fans. They took Giroud off their arsenal fan tv page as well. This is just so brilliant to watch because on the other hand we are just a bundle...
  17. olliec

    What's wrong with Alli?

    Should this be a concern? He was on the bench for the Watford game because he fell ill again. This doesn't sound like a typical injury either but something more serious. Especially that fact he gets dizzy a lot which isn't normal. Does anyone have any medical insight as to what could be going...
  18. olliec

    Harry Kane to Break a New Premier League Record...

    As we all know player of the month is due for March very soon. Harry has already won the award twice in a row which ties him with Bergkamp, Fowler and Ronaldo. I don't think anyone can take away the third award (unless there is a huge conspiracy). He has scored a hat-trick for us, tied top goal...
  19. olliec

    The Goons are very quiet today!

    So has anyone else noticed how quiet the goons have been on FB? That's if you're friends with any. I have quite a few but not heard a peep. In fact one of my die harder gooner friends just posted a few movie reviews for the Bafta's this sunday and I couldn't help rub more salt into the wound by...
  20. olliec

    Dear Mr Wallpaper Guru

    How about a nice background/wallpaper of Harry Kane for my desktop me ole mucker :D