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  1. Colonel_Klinck

    Bobby Robson. More than a manager.

    After seeing a few clips used on the BBC Word Cup coverage I sat down and watched the documentary on Sir Bobby. Not going to lie but it bought a tear to my eye towards the end, very moving tribute covering mainly his managerial career. The man was a true gent, loved football, won plenty and came...
  2. Colonel_Klinck

    Happy Birthday Teddy Sheeingham

    How is love to have him in this team. He really was a football genius.
  3. Colonel_Klinck

    Premier League in 2016: Alternative league tables for the calendar year If the season was just played in 2016 Chelsea would have won the league, we'd have finished 4th with a game to spare as we play tomorrow. If it had been played today and we'd won we'd finish 2nd. Best defence in the league, most shots but only 5th in...
  4. Colonel_Klinck

    3 at the back

    I'll admit I was worried when I saw us line up 3 at the back today. Fair play though they played it very well. Just wondering if that could be an option away at Chelscum. Dier, Verts and Toby. I wouldn't play it at home against Spammers but that away game will be a tough fixture.
  5. Colonel_Klinck

    Controlled explosion carried out as Man Utd game called off Have to say if it turns out this was in fact a device it's a bit worrying. Thank fook someone noticed it. The damage say an IED full of ball bearings could do in a confined area like a stadium doesn't bear thinking about. I'm kind of surprised it's...
  6. Colonel_Klinck

    Sunday Times - 150 sportsman (inc footballers) doping scandal

    I wonder how many Prem footy players are going to implicated. Bloody hope it isn't any of our players.
  7. Colonel_Klinck

    Man United aim to poach Spurs' academy chief

    Manchester United have identified Tottenham Hotspur’s head of coaching and player development, John McDermott, as the man they want to revamp their academy.... Read the full article at The Times
  8. Colonel_Klinck

    Premier League games 26/27 Dec

    Surprised there isn't a thread already. Anyway Stoke 1-0 up. Fantastic start to Xmas footy.
  9. Colonel_Klinck

    Sitting near a numpty

    Went to the game last night with my brother and his 3 kids. Sat in the Paxton Upper and we had 3 lads sat right behind us. One of them literally didn't shut up for the whole 90 minutes. It was like the worst running commentary at way too high a volume you've ever heard in your life! He thought...
  10. Colonel_Klinck

    Sandro Not sure if this is a rehashed story but good to hear he's a happy boy at Spurs. Would be gutted if he left.
  11. Colonel_Klinck

    Spurs vs Bolton match download?

    Was away this weekend and so missed the game and MoTD. Any links to dl guys?
  12. Colonel_Klinck

    Marco Simoncelli dies in MotoGP crash :-(

    Marco Simoncelli was killed today in a crash when he was hit by both Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Such sad sad news as the guy was an amazing talent and rode in such a balls out way. RIP Marco :cry:
  13. Colonel_Klinck

    Spurs TV proper?

    How long before we see Spurs TV appear on Sky/Virgin? I know ARSEnal and Man Shitty don't have a channel yet. Surprised ARSEnal don't and Shitty can't be far away. I for one would subscribe to it for sure. If we make top 4 again this season do you think it's something we might see?
  14. Colonel_Klinck

    Season tick just a card in 10/11?

    I'm borrowing a couple of season tickets off a friend of a friend for the Citeh game. Picked them up today but guy was out and his 12 year old son was there and all he gave me was 2x cards. They have name/seat number ect on them. Is this all the season ticket is this year or do I need to pop...
  15. Colonel_Klinck

    Spurs vs Chelski on TV?

    I was trying to see if the game was on SS but Sky doesn't even have the game in its fixture list Anyone know if its on the box? There are a few tickets remaining but i'm feelin skint and if TV is an option then i'd rather save the cash.
  16. Colonel_Klinck

    West Spam vs Chelski

    0-3 with 26 mins gone lol. Man are The Spammers getting the back lash lol. Lampard 17 pen J Cole 20 Ballack 22 Ouch! :rofl:
  17. Colonel_Klinck

    The mystery man in blue jacket and grey tracky pants..

    Not sure if there has been a thread on this. Haven't seen one and looked 4 pages back, so.... I was wondering who the dude was who joined in the cup celebrations and got soaked with champers by Robinson. Saw this yesterday but slipped my mind...
  18. Colonel_Klinck

    Spurs Show T-shirts on sale

    Those of you that listen to the Spurs Show with Phil Cornwell will know they were getting some T-shirts printed. Well now they are are up on sale here my fav is the Scarface Ramos which i may well invest in.
  19. Colonel_Klinck

    Slap Shot for real!!

    Maddest fight i've ever seen in hockey. You need to love a good tear up to play that crazy game
  20. Colonel_Klinck

    Anyone having problems with Match time Chat Service??

    I'm getting this error message when i try and login [21:14] Connecting... [21:14] Logging in... [21:14] -- *** Processing connection to [21:14] -- *** Looking up your hostname... [21:14] -- *** Checking Ident [21:14] -- *** Found your hostname [21:14] -- *** No Ident...