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  1. rossdapep

    Fire kills ten at Flamengo training centre in Brazil

    Story breaking now. It's believed they were kids from 14-17 sleeping at the training centre. Horrifying and incredibly sad.
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    Clattenberg: "My game was to let Tottenham lose the title"

    Mark Clattenburg admits that he “allowed” Tottenham to “self-destruct” as opposed to actually, y’know, refereeing their game against Chelsea in 2016. Tottenham missed out on the Premier League title in the 2015/16 season after a 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. A record nine Spurs...
  3. rossdapep

    Andre Gray handed four-game ban by Independent Regulatory Commission

    Burnley forward Andre Gray has been handed a four-game suspension by the FA for misconduct in relation to comments he made on social media. The ban starts with immediate effect and the 25-year-old has also been fined £25,000, warned as to his future conduct, and ordered to attend an FA...
  4. rossdapep

    Raised Profile

    I don't know if anyone else feels the same but I believe since Poch has been at the club I feel our profile and recognition has grown around the world. In years gone by people would either dismiss us or belittle us within the praise offered. Just this week Torres spoke affectionately of us as...
  5. rossdapep

    Are Younger Players More Determined Than Before?

    With the progress of our younger players such as Kane, Mason, Bentaleb and the many other younger players who are seemingly on the brink of our first team, are we seeing an upturn in determination from kids nowadays. You can see that these lads mentioned are showing a lot of heart and desire to...
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    Commentators: What makes a good one?

    My ambition is to become a highly respected commentator, so I wanted to get an idea of what people think makes a commentator stand out? Obviously making sure facts are presented accurately and helping to create a script are important, as to is knowing when to keep your mouth shut (really...
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    Ok, so poch is claiming 3 games in 6 days has been too much. Personally, I believe he didn't rotate enough midweek but hindsight and all that.... Anyhow, does anyone know if during this period the players are still required to complete two sessions a day? And does poch plan on keeping this up...
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    World Cup Blog

    Hey guys, I have been fortunate to obtain a tickets for a couple of games in Fortaleza and head out next week, so in anticipation decided to set up a World Cup Blog. I am in the early days of writing, but I am trying to cover a number of topics this will mainly be restricted to the stand out...