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  1. UncleBuck

    Hartlepool Supporters Warned not to 'Black Up'

    Hartlepool supporters warned not to dress up as Bob Marley for last game of the season.. Maybe I'm out of touch with the modern world as this is bonkers...
  2. UncleBuck

    Puerto Pollensa - Recommendations For Any Good Bars/Restaurants

    Morning SC'ers.... Tomorrow myself an ten mates depart to Puerto Pollensa to 'celebrate' our 40th birthdays...and I'm dreading it! Can anyone recommend any decent restaurants or bars that won't be crawling with tourists etc?!?
  3. UncleBuck

    Carlos Tevez

    Is he out of our league? Talk of him going to Milan but I can't see them paying him what he's on at Citeh, not that we'd get close to it either! I know there were issues with him and his family about a year ago but he would be an excellent acquisition for any club especially if he's under £15m.
  4. UncleBuck

    Senior Pro Beckham?

    THIS THREAD IS NOW "READ ONLY" AS BECKHAM HAS OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED HE IS MOVING TO LA GALAXY 1 What with all the media speculation surrounding David Beckham over the last 48 hours and us being linked with him I just thought it'd be interesting to see what opinion us supporters have on the...