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    Brilliant from Barnsley's CEO!

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    Top London club

    Tonight means we are the top London club for the first time since 1990! 😲 Edit: 1995 apparently
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    Man City charged for anti-doping rule violation (player whereabouts)

    BREAKING: Manchester City charged by the FA in relation to rules on anti-doping. #SSNHQ Who is it on here that was always going on about that when Pep was at Barca?
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    Pardew sacked

    Couldn't happen to a nicer ****
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    Souness trying to fix the draw?

    Now I'm not a conspiracy believer but if you can watch the draw from last night again. 1. Souness picks up the balls with index finger and thumb in order and places them in the ball with a sorry looking swirl around. Chelsea are 1 and Spurs are 4 so easy to separate them from the other 2 2. He...
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    Players you feel are/were overated

    As the title says. Which players do you not rate who others seem to. For me the 3 that jump out are: BAE: How people say he was one of the best in the league last year and we need him back is beyond me! I think he is a total liability of a player and was delighted when he went Corluka: See...
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    Adam Maher

    May have been discussed before but I only found out today that Adam Maher joined PSV for just €6.5m!!! How the hell did he go for so cheap??!!