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  1. archiewasking

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    No. Give him a new contract so he can phone it in for 4 years at our expense? We'd have to be the biggest idiots of all time to even consider it.
  2. archiewasking

    Chris Wood

    Fernando Torres.
  3. archiewasking

    Match Threads K F Shkendija vs Spurs - Match Thread - Round 3

    No blue background? Have you been defrocked by Hercules and Dragon 1 😁?
  4. archiewasking

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22nd September 2020

    Good. Needed a kick up the derriere, hopefully carries on the right way.
  5. archiewasking

    Match Threads Leyton Orient vs Spurs - Virtual Match Thread

    In the interests of inclusivity, as Tanguy is struggling, he is now using his FA approved mobility scooter. Carragher and Neville wax lyrical about how much more ground he's covering.
  6. archiewasking

    Odsonne Edouard

    You've lost me here....
  7. archiewasking

    Odsonne Edouard

    How dare you! Steve Archibald???!!!!
  8. archiewasking

    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Got a link?? Preferably in English??
  9. archiewasking

    Gareth Bale - Squad Number

    16. It's my lucky number.
  10. archiewasking

    Ruben Dias

    Let's sign all the Rubens (y)(y)
  11. archiewasking

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 18th September 2020

    Unlikely to make a lot of us happy unless he's streaming the action.
  12. archiewasking

    Juan Foyth

    I get that, but Foyth's consistent brainfarts and overrunning and losing the ball, giving away penalties, is hardly going to help Fulham's cause.
  13. archiewasking

    Juan Foyth

    If they sign Foyth.........going down, going down, going down.........he really isn't the solid kind of defender they need.
  14. archiewasking

    Match Threads Lokomotiv Plovdiv vs Spurs - Match Thread - Europa League

    Does it go to extra time first, if needed, or straight to penalties??
  15. archiewasking

    Player Watch: Sergio Reguilón

    Caught in a landslide of transfers and ITK 😎
  16. archiewasking

    Player Watch: Sergio Reguilón

    Thanks @freeeki, I thought it was simple, but I just can't get my brain in gear today 👍.
  17. archiewasking

    Orient beat Plymouth to set up Carabao Cup clash against Spurs… and their shirt sponsor Harry Kane

    Fantastic news. Happy for them and that we don't have so far to travel.
  18. archiewasking

    Player Watch: Sergio Reguilón

    I am too. But which of Davies, Sess or Cirkin would be preferable to be our main left back instead?