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    QF 1 - Poland vs Portugal

    'rugged and efficient' Poland vs 'who knows what team are going to turn up to support Ronaldo's ego' Portugal.. Come on Poland.. !
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    Brexit players

    Trying to figure out if we have any players who would be affected by Brexit. Njie seems to be one who might have to go unless we can get him a visa in 2 years time? All the others seem to meet the non EU players qual conditions, so should be ok..
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    Axel Witsel ffs, silly season comes earlier every year.. who are we going to drop to make way for Witsel?
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    Transport update for teavel to WHL in August

    Apologies if posted already, saw ont he tube this morning that the Victoria line from Seven Sisters to Walthamstow will be closed from Aug 8 - Aug 30 .. suspect it will cause disruption to anyone going to WHL, so might be worth leaving an extra bit of time to get there..
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    [Update 17 Trix Confirming things]

    Who: Trix (Trickyvilla on SC) When: 20th Dec Where: SC, Adebayor Ready to Dig in Heels Thread @TrickyVilla (as discussed) please remember to only post ITK in the ITK Thread or the Read Only. Cheers
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    Defence question

    Hi I'm not an expert on this so can;t figure out why our defence looks so err.. not even sure what the word is.. hesitant perhaps.. they seem to have a collective feeling of potentially conceding every time the opp attack.. Is it tactics, character.. attitude.. i have no fecking idea.. where...
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    Spurs vs West Ham Tactical Analysis

    who fucking needs it when you have a CB waltz through the pikey defence and slot home a cumshot in the 93rd minute :angelic:
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    picking a midfield

    So looking at our squad, unless we can re-train peopl into defenders, I would suggest we have way too many midfielders.. So in an ideal world who would you keep (and let play every week) from: Sandro Capoue Livermore Bentaleb Pauliniho Velk Sigs Holtby Eriksen Dembele Chadli (he could be be in...
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    is World Cup Profiteering imminent

    Some friends & I were chatting, we realised that this WC is bound to add value to a lot of the players we have. .. Levy may well be able to sell some of them way above what we paid if it came down to rebalancing the squad and acquiring players the new manager (Nigel Clough) wants to buy. I...
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    hasn't been such an evil bastard sice he came back to the Prem.. i hate to say this but i'm beginning to find his press conferences quite funny.. chavski are still a pile of shite though.. errr..anyone else? :)
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    The Diving Thread

    after Manure's exemplary display of diving i thought we could nominate the worst offenders .. I present Welbeck.. must be a contender for No 1 although his excuse was that the whole pitch was full of oceans is a bit suspect..
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    looking forward - last six games

    of the season are hopefully going to help.. hopefully.. (H) vs Sunderland WBA Away (H) vs Fulham Stoke Away Spam Away (H) vs Villa If we are playing anywhere near our potential then that could be 18 points. Even 14 from those last six would give us a nice boost for 4th place. Thanks to the...
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    a message from Chopper to AVB

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    Th 'fu we're going for it' formation

    ok, this is the result of 0-6 to shitty, 1/2 a bottle of whiskey and frustration at porn sites bandwidth congestion etc lloris chiriches kaboul verts capoue Walker Chadli townsend sandro kane lamela edit: sandro at CAM...
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    who owns the rights to 'England'

    hey all It's actually a serious question. Given the commercial value of the 'England' team & brand, shouldn;t there be more scrutiny of the people who are using and organising the team around the brand. I'm actually wondering who does the awarding. It seems to me that the people who elect the...
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    Is there still a place for the Spurs way

    Hi all Been thinking a lot about the Spurs way, how that freedom to express oneself, let the ball do the work, always moving, glory rather than workmanlike desires; washed over my childhood and shaped my life. I heard a lot of life lessons from adults being spun out of what players Hoddle...
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    Sunday football till

    I must be losing it.. it seems our next Saturday game is on 4th December! All sunday football till then. ? :confused: