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  1. Ionman34

    Nigel Pearson Sacked?

    Honestly, WTF is wrong with that Watford board?
  2. Ionman34

    Football Stats Discussion

    As some of our more "fragile" posters are worrying about getting " scrollers thumb" on the what our opponents thread, and because we were in fact spamming up the thread if we're honest, I took the advice given and started this fred so we can discuss the merits, or not, of the stats that are now...
  3. Ionman34

    Carabao Cup

    Just seen the latest scores... Crystal Palace losing 4-1 to Bristol City?!?
  4. Ionman34


    The Hurling finals are on Sky Sports 3, Wexford v Kilkenny. For those of you who don't know it, it is actually the fastest team sport in the World after ice hockey. Absolutely mental game and awesome fun.
  5. Ionman34

    Wear Your Colours to Work Day

    Don't forget folks, tomorrow is wear your club shirt to work day. Wear it with pride, we've earned it.
  6. Ionman34

    Joe Hart

    Just watching the interview on Sky with Joe Hart now he's at Torino. What a likeable bloke, despite those godawful Head and Shoulders adverts. He was saying how Guardiola was straightforward and honest with him right off the bat, saying he wasn't confident in him and was looking elsewhere...
  7. Ionman34

    La Liga Santander

    Anyone watching this? That presenter in the Blue dress! Reminds me of a line from Batchelor Party... "Would you look at the cans on that Bimbo!"
  8. Ionman34

    Spurs Lodge

    went to watch my Nephew playing at the Lodge today, he's under 9's with Luton Town, and have to say that I was blown away. What a facility! Even the verges to the roads are cut with tram lines in them! The multitude of pitches there are fantastic, like bowling greens, absolutely immaculate. When...
  9. Ionman34

    Tony Pulis?

    Now this is just a conjecture thread. As many of you know, I've been a huge advocate for giving our managers/coaches sufficient time to bed in and implement the playing style/personnel etc required to give them the best chance for success. So all of you "Fuck, not another managerial merry go...
  10. Ionman34

    The Meaning of Gooner

    There's probably a few of you who already know this, but it had me in tears anyway as I never knew it until now. My boss is an Irish gooner and, as you do, we were having the usual slagging match about each other's teams. In the midst of this I went on google and asked why are gooners so...
  11. Ionman34

    Lack of Injuries

    I've been thinking this for a while, as far back as I can remember, we've had that perennial problem of missing key players for extended periods of a season due to injuries. This season has seen us seemingly avoiding this problem. Granted we've had the likes of Walker out for a while, but he's...
  12. Ionman34

    Massimo Luongo

    Did we sell this kid, or is he on loan? The reason I ask is that I have just watched the Asian Cup final where he scored a quality opener in Australia's win and was voted MVP for the entire tournament. I did google him and Wikipedia says he is not with us. If we have sold him I'd be...
  13. Ionman34

    Tactically Inept?

    I've seen this comment on here a few times about Sherwood and questioned the assertions due to the fact that we had seen very little to either back the claim up or question it. After the last few games though, and particularly after the ManU performance, I'm wondering whether those that made the...
  14. Ionman34

    The New Scapegoat Thread

    After trawling through reams of threads looking for who to blame, what went wrong, what heads to roll and just generally copious amounts of thrashing around with a Kalshnikov and an endless supply of bullets, I thought I'd try to think 'outside of the box' for the reason, or reasons, why we find...
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    Woke up this morning to the euphoria of the Lamela, Chiriches and Eriksen signings. Amidst all the euphoria, Milkybaryid posted the news about his 15 year old nephew, a fellow Spurs fan, who had a fall from a tree and was fighting for his life in Hospital with head trauma and a broken back. I'm...