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    Premier League doctors submit safety concerns over plans to return to training

    Especially when just about everybody knows what their concerns are............
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    Premier League could return in ‘matter of weeks’ behind closed doors under plans shown to Boris

    I used to train as hard as some modern-day players....they will survive OK, plus, the overall tempo of the games near the finish will be very slow, so what? Also in athletics we had almost a continuous season....... Cross-Country in the winter; Road racing/Relays in the spring / track throughout...
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    Tottenham valued £1bn better off than Liverpool as they leave Man City and Man United trailing

    When the "anti-Levy brigade" was banging drums, they had good reason to do so
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    Coronavirus: FIFA medical chief says football should wait until September

    I used to be a distance runner and I spat all the time; but NOT AT someone. I suspect that is what the reference to spitting is about. (And I don't know why sports people who run, spit, I avoided all dairy products the day before/ the day of a race and that seemed to make the problem a little...
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    Premier League restart depends on 8-10 neutral venues

    June 12th....sounds good to me, (with or without fans).
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    Premier League facing player revolt over plans to restart season in June

    That dosn't sound as if the players are prepared to give much back to their clubs, many of whom kept them on a full salary? (Have I got my facts correct here Spurs fans?)
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    Harry Kane: Tottenham will not sell striker to domestic rival this summer

    Club after they are enduring a 0-12 winless run......."we are behind our manager 100 per-cent!" He is fired after the next loss. Is there a story here Harry?
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    Premier League 'to cancel season' claims club chief amid coronavirus crisis

    Maybe play out the Premier League Schedule behind closed doors?
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    Dier dodges police rap for confronting fan in stands but still faces ban from playing

    He was protecting his brother M'Lord....(don't know what his brother was up to though).
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    Danny Rose donates £19,000 to a North London hospital

    'Bout time we read something positive on here....well done Danny.....good post 'double 0'
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    Jose makes Tanguy Ndombele decision

    I've written this before: I wouldn't like to see Spurs ' get rid' of Tanguy, as they would possibly loose too much money in the process, plus it's just too early to be giving up on a £65 mill. investment. In my opinion, Jose has taken the correct action by giving him a further chance - plus it...
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    FA and Premier League planning to complete season behind closed doors in July restart

    How are you going to "void the season" JAY2040? Giving the Prem. title to Liverpool is the easy part
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    Barcelona are plotting a shock transfer move for Tanguy Ndombele

    Please don't sell N'Dombele for less than we paid for him; that may turn out to be a big mistake.
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    Ndombele’s comments about Pochettino may answer questions over form

    I agree 'Chimbo 1'; "time", unfortunately is what spurs don't have, but getting rid of could be a huge mistake. , !
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    Jan Vertonghen on contract situation

    Here is a good bit of news: Heung MIn Son has signed a new contract with Spurs.