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  1. faymantaray

    2013/14 Golazos

    Some beauties from last season set to cheesy commentary and music, strangely mostly from players no longer here. I have to admit I got a bit sad watching the Sandro one.. Best for me is Gylfi's spin and rocket. Enjoy. Apologies if already posted...
  2. faymantaray

    Full match download v QPR?

    Anyone got a link? Would be much appreciated. @TheGreenLily ?
  3. faymantaray

    The Best of David Pleat

    I'm sure these have been posted before (possibly by myself), but they have me rolling around every time I revisit them. For those who despair at how a multi-million pound business like Spurs can end up with Tim Sherwood at the helm, just remember that not so long ago the man who came out with...
  4. faymantaray

    Sandro – “The Beast” from THFC – ESPN Brasil special feature

    Sorry if already posted.. The best of Sandro.
  5. faymantaray

    Love or hate Naughton.. he is a Legend of the game.

    Well.. according to this shirt display in Thailand anyway.. sorry if already posted. :ROFLMAO: WTF! Spurs back-up full back Kyle Naughton features in a shirt display of footballing legends...
  6. faymantaray

    Bizarre WBA Facebook comp!

    This is so weird but amazing haha. Fucking facebook ey.. West Brom launch a bizarre Facebook competition to win Jonas Olsson’s blood-stained shirt from the Man United game West Bromwich Albion’s official Facebook page have launched a creepy competition in which one fan can win the chance of...
  7. faymantaray

    Sign this guy up

    Sorry if already posted..
  8. faymantaray

    Great article on yesterday's game The bit about 'what-if' one of those penalty shouts had been awarded is particularly intriguing..
  9. faymantaray

    Best Freekick Ever?

    Well.. the routine is unusual..
  10. faymantaray

    Does anyone have a full match download?

    I would greatly appreciate a link if anyone has one. Thanks in advance x
  11. faymantaray

    Keano is back!

    Will be a nice boost to have him about the place.. our version of Thierry Henry :)
  12. faymantaray

    Hilarious.. Mike Dean goal celebrations

    These videos really killed me today, from Dean hopping in anticipation as Saha's goal loops in, to him looking like he's wheeling off to celebrate with the players for Taarabt's goal, capped with an amazingly enthusiastic signal for Lukaku's (which is the least funny I thought).. :LOL...
  13. faymantaray

    Favourite Golazo against Arsenal?

    Here are a few beautiful goals we have scored against Arsenal over the last ten years: I also can't find a video of Rafa's one last season which he took down on the chest and put into the far corner.. have I forgotten any?
  14. faymantaray

    Caption these losers..

  15. faymantaray

    Bale and VDV wallpaper!

    Haha I just can't stop looking at this.. each face is just as funny as the other! Courtesy of Robert from
  16. faymantaray

    Caption this..

    Apologies if this has been posted already..
  17. faymantaray

    SPL striker Goodwillie charged with sexual assault.. Not a very good willy is it.. :shifty:
  18. faymantaray

    Sepp Blatter at it again.. Blatter never misses a chance to have a dig at the premier league.. sure there are lots of players from la liga in the world 11... but they only play for 2 clubs who win 5-0 week...
  19. faymantaray

    Tevez plans retirement.. Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez has revealed he is eager to retire from football and plans to return to Argentina within three years. Tevez, 26, has enjoyed a successful career in South America and England, winning...
  20. faymantaray

    Spurs to lose points if Pompey don't complete the season?

    The powerbrokers at the Premier League are desperate to avoid the south-coast outfit going bust, which would make them the first professional English League club to go out of existence since Maidstone United in 1992. Maidstone's demise as a Third Division club, just two days after the Premier...