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  1. KaNoUtE9

    Update [225] Jasper RE: Central Defence

    Who: Jasper When: 04/08/2013 Where: Spurs Odyssey CH-Expect one of experience to come in soon with possibility of a young one, some concerns. Daws is a sad one it is now over drive as season around the corner. Names are in the media so will not add but to say that the prisoner may soon have to...
  2. KaNoUtE9

    [Update 184] Roger Morgan on Bale/Soldado

    Originally posted by Roger Morgan The Marca quotes are all made up, as most of you suspect. Despicable behaviour in my view. However, Bale's camp have informed Levy that they do want to talk to Real Madrid or Man Utd, those two clubs specifically, if offers are made. I take this to be a...
  3. KaNoUtE9

    [Update 100] Jasper Re: Various

    Originally posted by Jasper Hudd wants to and will go, subject to medical and his knees. Talking to three clubs and if it goes through will be a 5m package. Parker will likely go on 2 year contract, 2 EPL, and some Championship clubs talking. Livermore will go out on loan is what we prefer...
  4. KaNoUtE9

    [Update 17] archibald on Holtby

    Who: archibald When: 1st January Where: Spurs Oddysey RE: Lewis Holtby. Freund pushing for him.. watched him a lot.
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    [Update 300] Archibald re: RM players

    who: Archibald site: Spurs Odyssey when: 30/07/11 [Re: Real Madrid, we believe]
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    [Update 299] Archibald re: Juan Mata

    who: Archibald site: Spurs Odyssey when: 30/07/11
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    [Update 140] Ari Gold re:Modric

    Who: Ari Gold When: 18/06/11 Where: SO
  8. KaNoUtE9

    Bale injury

    RogerMorgan over on spurs odyssey is saying Bale is out for 2 weeks.