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  1. RuskyM

    How Can This Get Worse?

    So we're going to lose on Sunday. I hope you've all accepted that. The question isn't rhetorical, by the way. How the hell can this season get any worse? Let's brainstorm. Kyle Naughton could end up being two midgets in a man costume. Daniel Levy runs out of head polish and begins growing his...
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    Have your expectations changed for this season from what they were at the start? Have they risen or fallen in recent weeks? How do you think Tim Sherwood's Blue & White Army (get used to it) will end up? I was pulling for 3rd at the start of the season, and provided we pull ourselves together...
  3. RuskyM

    What have we got to be excited about?

    No seriously, tell me, I'm really not sure anymore. I have never been this completely disillusioned with us.
  4. RuskyM

    Garth Crooks: The Thread

    This is the most unintentionally hilarious thing I've ever read.
  5. RuskyM

    Are we a team of contradictions?

    We're all arguing about what our best team is and patting our squad depth on the back, but I'm wondering. What this team? I mean, we seem to want to go to play tika-taka possession football...but we're encouraging our wingers to cut inside and completely congest the pitch...
  6. RuskyM

    What sides will we be competing with next season?

    Basically a "likely 11" for our opposition. I'll just go for the rest of the top 6. Feel free to debate/nominate your own below. I was going to do an analysis but I'm lazy so I won't, this is just kind of for us to see what we'll be competing with. Man United: de Gea Rafael - Garay - Vidic -...
  7. RuskyM

    Kyle Walker

    The thread on Lennon got me thinking about other players we could improve on, and whilst I'm not advocating giving up on Walker, this season was a big disappointment for him. He's very good at making up for his mistakes, but he often causes them. He's so immensely frustrating because it's...
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  9. RuskyM

    Gareth Bale 4/11 to win PFA Player of the Year, 11/10 for Young Player

    Nice to see the best player in the league will likely be recognized as such.
  10. RuskyM

    Loic Remy

    According to the Guardian, we can prepare for this. Again. Honestly, if his release clause is £8m, this seems like a no-brainer. The man can cover the wings, obviously up front and seems ideal for the 4-3-3 should AVB want to implement it. His wages are obviously an issue though, isn't he on...
  11. RuskyM

    Gylfi Sigurdsson's middle name is Thor

    That is all.
  12. RuskyM

    [Update 141] JJetset - Modric

    Who: JJ When: 21st March Where: SC
  13. RuskyM

    Ray Wilkins

    How comfy is his job at Sky? AVB'll need his own assistant and we could use him to transition the players from Harry's motto of 'You're all triffic and can play anywhere' to AVB's more strict 'I'll drop you if I feel like it you prick'. Think Wilkins could be that man. Or is anyone else...
  14. RuskyM

    A shocking revelation

    Tom Carroll ‏@tom_carroll92 90210 tonight #jose Me thinks Scotty needs to give him a word and/or his set of Fred Dibner's Age of Steam DVDs ASAP. We can still salvage the boy.
  15. RuskyM

    Harry's Punditry Pull-Out Possibly

    Alliteration is awesome. Reading that has made me a bit worried. Mainly the bit where he says he needs a holiday. Because that either means that he's leaving, he's not going to bother with...
  16. RuskyM

    Paul Robinson

    IIRC Gomes and Cudicini are out of contract at the end of the season. Would anyone want Robbo back? He's still a great keeper and a top gentleman. I'd like him here.
  17. RuskyM

    Harry's postmatch interview

    BBC link. Sounds absolutely destroyed, not sure if due to the result (if it is, what a man, fantastic passion) or something else. But he genuinely sounds proud, and I love that. Either way, already high respect has trebled.
  18. RuskyM

    Ledley King

    I don't think this man quite has enough recognition for how good he is, and how important he is. I have the opinion that if King was not so injury-prone, he would be the best CB England have. He would also have been one of the best CBs in the world. I think how he can still pull out...
  19. RuskyM

    Does Redknapp want the best for our club?

    This is not a kneejerk, it's a genuine question. I've never really 'got' that Redknapp has the best intentions of the club at heart. He's a West Ham fan, born and bred. He also has links with Chelsea with Lampard there, and if the rumours that he wants to sell Modric are true, does he really...
  20. RuskyM

    Who else do we need?

    Now our biggest flaw has been (sort of) fixed, what else do we need? Personally if we're looking for positions I'd go for maybe a centre back (if we get rid of Bassong). I know in the long term it's not something we need with Khumalo, Kaboul and Caulker but could be something we use with...