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  1. Barmby Army

    Mourinho shuts down 'Spursy' shouts as boss hails team's 'big evolution'

    I suppose he's right in that we have now evolved into a side that can run rampant and rack up a 3-0 lead inside fifteen minutes now, which at least makes the collapses more entertaining to watch.
  2. Barmby Army

    "Man Utd and Liverpool driving 'Project Big Picture' - football’s biggest shake-up in a generation"

    Not sure that's a fair comparison given you're talking about a ridiculous outlier result, no reigning champions had conceded seven in PL history prior to the other day, and it was essentially a freak result given that three of Villa's goals were mad deflections. The quality and...
  3. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Christ almighty who's their chairman, Jake the Snake?
  4. Barmby Army

    Match Threads Leyton Orient vs Spurs - 3rd Round Carabao Cup

    Would it really make our schedule any worse? I can't imagine it would be changed to a date that suited us worse than two days before an away trip to Eastern Europe. I imagine we will just be awarded the tie anyway, but in all probability we would have put out a team tonight without any of our...
  5. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    From a Spurs perspective the transfers that Chelsea and United have made, and Arsenal and Everton are on the verge of making, is annoying...but from a dispassionate point of view it should make the season fascinating. City and Liverpool won't be steamrollering everyone like they have done the...
  6. Barmby Army

    How has Bale done at Real?

    That's a bit harsh, given those decisions led to three successive Champions League wins, two of which Bale made crucial contributions to.
  7. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Why? The idea that a striker needs to be a big lump is very outdated nowadays, as long as they are robust enough to hold off defenders (which is easier now as fouls are given a lot more easily) there is no need for them to be big as the ball isn't launched up to them as much. Most of the best...
  8. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Ha, my mates run that account. Fair to say they have got themselves into plenty of shit over the years, mostly while smashed on the way back from away games. One of them is currently banned from the Amex.
  9. Barmby Army

    Soccer Saturday....

    There are plenty of ex-pros around who are intelligent and involved in the job, treating it with respect by doing their research properly while wearing their intelligence lightly enough not to put off the viewers who just want banter. Don Hutchison is one who immediately springs to mind, he's on...
  10. Barmby Army

    Diego Costa

    Wouldn't have much of a problem with the fact that he played for Chelsea, but I'd have massive concerns over his ability to cut it nowadays. His return to Atletico has been a bit of a disaster, and I imagine his wages would be huge.
  11. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    It doesn't make sense financially to let him go, Messi is one of the few players (basically him, Ronaldo and Neymar, possibly Mbappe as well now) who pays for himself via the money he brings in from image rights, sponsorship and everything else that comes with being an elite, world-recognised...
  12. Barmby Army

    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    Based on the past season I think Sessegnon is miles off, I know he did really well in the Championship but even taking into account the limited opportunities he got, he didn't impress. Not convinced he will end up at left back either, but we'll see I guess - I think Cirkin will quickly overtake...
  13. Barmby Army

    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    Saka did a good job there for Arsenal in an emergency, but I don't think either they or he think it's a long term prospect - once Tierney came back, Saka was pushed further forward. He's a fantastic player though, a proper footballer who looks comfortable wherever he's asked to play. No...
  14. Barmby Army

    Club Statement 19 Nov 19 - Pochettino leaves

    Koeman is Barca's Moyes, he's there to take all the criticism for a year while Barca try to get their shit together. Then in a year or so, when the dust has settled and (they hope) they've sorted out their boardroom issues and reinvigorated their ageing squad, they can quietly bin Koeman off and...
  15. Barmby Army

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Medical Monday 10th August

    I'd imagine the agent suddenly increased the wage or signing-on fee demands at the last minute, or tried to add a clause to the contract. Given that Levy loves that sort of trick himself, I can't imagine he would be happy with someone doing it to him.
  16. Barmby Army

    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    Again though...if the alternative is just not being in the competition at all, who cares if we have to put out a very inexperienced side? Worst case scenario is we get a bit of a hiding if we get a tough draw - make it clear to the kids that the result is not important, it's just an opportunity...
  17. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Ha, that makes more sense - again I've not seen a huge amount of him so I'm no authority, but from what I've seen and read it would seem very strange for him to move to a Europa League side that is unlikely to win any major trophies in the next couple of years and is unable to pay the sort of...
  18. Barmby Army

    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    If we have such little interest in the competition that we were willing to just drop out completely, doesn't entering but playing our reserves and youth team make more sense? The worst case scenario is we end up out of the competition anyway, the best case scenario is we put a little run...
  19. Barmby Army

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    He won the Serie A player of the year award, ahead of Ronaldo, Immobile and Papu Gomez. Can't say I watch much Serie A but it seems completely mad that they'd be willing to let him leave, and even more mad that no team bigger than us would be in for him.
  20. Barmby Army

    Realistic expectations for 2020-21?

    I think our window is probably third to sixth, same as most seasons. Difficult to narrow it down beyond that - the temptation is to think that United will be comfortably third if not challenging the top two, but for all their attacking qualities I don't think that defence is even close to being...