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  1. ValenciaYid

    [Update 222]ValenciaYid re:From What I hear...

    Who: ValenciaYid When: 25/08/10 Site: Spurs Community Nothing news shattering....Hutton, Gio, Naughton, Keane (or maybe Jenas cant remember, blame the JD!!!) off...and CLOSE on Fabiano and Diarra...thats all, just relaying what I have heard...UP THE YIDS
  2. ValenciaYid

    [Update 379] ValenciaYid re:Woody

    Who ValanciaYid Date 29th August Time 22:09 Site SC I hear he's back in training...
  3. ValenciaYid

    [Update 377] ValenciaYid re:Sandro

    who ValenciaYid date 28/08/09 Time 22:16 site SC Ok i know theres been plenty of chat on him but in response to being told about JoH i was told that we are buying Sandro...word for word...please use a liberal amount of salt...just passing on info...