Match Threads Crystal Palace vs Spurs - Match Thread

Match Prediction

  • Spurs to win with a clean sheet

    Votes: 91 55.5%
  • Spurs to win while conceding

    Votes: 41 25.0%
  • Spurs to lose but still scores

    Votes: 2 1.2%
  • Spurs to lose without scoring

    Votes: 3 1.8%
  • Score Draw

    Votes: 22 13.4%
  • Goal-less Draw

    Votes: 5 3.0%

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Aug 20, 2013
What ever you think of the uefa we need the money. We also go straight into it in the first week of the seaon I think so we might get a full house if people are itching to get back in the stadium.
UEFA have already confirmed that the qualifying rounds will be behind closed doors, even if fans are allowed in the country in question. They're trying to make the single-legged ties a bit fairer by diluting the home advantage. So the first time we'll have a home game with fans in Europe is the 22nd or 29th of October


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May 31, 2005
Well no, because it makes sod all sense.

What about the other 2 teams? The subject is the 'top four' not the 'top two'.

We have outperformed the teams in 3rd and 4th, just as Man Utd have, so much so that one of them has dropped to 4th (needing qualys, I think) and the other has missed out on the CL. Therefore, ignoring the Poch part of the season, we would be in the CL.

So trying to make a strange reason to ignore the fact that we've outperformed the teams who were previously sailing in CL qualification is scraping through the bottom of the barrel.
Well thanks but ive not done that and also tell you what, lets leave it cos ive grown tired of this. It doesnt matter, OK?