Is part of the problem contract negotiations?


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Oct 9, 2005
Everyone agrees that there is something not right at the start of this season and clearly the World Cup is part of that.

But of our key players Alli, Eriksen and Vertongen were all rumoured to be ready to sign new contracts at the end of last season but that hasn't happened. Alli in particular was strongly rumoured to be signing before the world cup and I don't know what happened with that

Dembele apparently wants out (and some ITK I have is that he wanted to leave this summer but the club insisted he stayed to Janaury to cover for Winks and Wanyama)

I'm not going to insult Kane by suggesting that his new contract is affecting his play but just maybe suddenly earning £10m a year takes the edge off something for a little while?

We now have players who signed lower contracts last year such as Davies and Tripper who have seen Kane, Son and Lamela sign new contracts.

Dier is on a relatively lower figure

Toby seems to be refusing to sign still

Rose is on a lower figure and probably wanted to go this season but no-one wanted him.

I know that they are all professional players but I can't see the concentration desire and hunger in the team of the last 2 seasons and it could maybe be that there are some players who are a bit unsettled and it is taking the edge off performances.



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Jul 7, 2012
No I think you're just looking for things that's aren't there which is pretty common when we're off form.


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Jul 10, 2011
I agree, Poch and Harry picked up nice new contracts in the summer with significant pay rises, other players are aware of their pay rise and may believe that they should be offered a significant new contract with pay increase.

Eriksen is supposed to have signed a new contract but nothing has been announced.

Toby doesn't believe the money offered to him was enough.

Might go some way to explain some of the recent lack lustre performances.


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May 31, 2012
i think with the world cup, stadium and no signings it may be part of the problem
seems odd that so many times we were told contracts were done and yet none were, and we have Lloris, Davies, Trip, Verts, Toby, Dier, Eriksen and Alli all needing new ones, unlike Levy and an average start to the season may make the better ones think again