Jack Clarke


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Oct 19, 2005
If he's out on loan he needs to be somewhere that he will get game time regardless of how he's performing. You can't come in for 45 mins here and there every 2 or 3 weeks and be expected to be in top form. You need game time to get into form. It's a pointless loan if he's not gonna get the chance to play regularly, otherwise he may as well be training with us and playing in the cups for us.
I do agree to an extent but it's still early days.
There aren't many places that an 18 year old can go to get guaranteed games, unless he drops down a couple of divisions which for someone of his potential ability, probably isn't ideal.
If he starts playing well at Leeds and still doesn't get game time, then I think we need to reconsider the loan but for now, the season has only just started so both he and Leeds need time.