Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread


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Jan 2, 2011
I think its time to create a thread for the Mickey Mousers. Spending £70m on Carroll, Downing and Henderson, their supporters, RAWK (Red and White Kop) etc...

This beauty was shown to me today, courtesy of RAWK.

We should finish ahead of the mancs with the first team we have. Lets see where that takes us.

Pepe V De Gea-neither was great last year. De Gea will always be error prone. The gift that keeps given. A return to form will see Pepe be the better keeper by miles. Advantage Liverpool.

Johnson V Rafael. Johnson was one of the best RB at the Euros. He is miles ahead of Rafael who cant really defend. Advantage Liverpool.

Agger+Skrtel V Ferdinand+Vidic Ok. The Mancs are strong here. But at 34 and near 32 Ferdinand and vidic are getting on. Vidic probably wont be the same player after injury. Our guys should be at their peak this year. Both 27 its their time. Advantage Liverpool.

Enrique V Evra. I am expecting a great second season from Enrique. Tailed off towards the end last year he is still probably one of the better left backs in the PL. Evra is getting on and is a liability defensibly. Advantage Liverpool.

Downing V nani. Ok you have got to give it to the mancs here. Nani may be a diving cheating muppet but he is much better than Downing. I expect a better season from Downing but its still Adavantage United.

Lucas+Gerrard V Carrick+Scholes Ok United have two very good passer here but neither has the mobility of Lucas or the sheer drive of Gerrard. Advantage United.

Valenica V Bellamy. Bellamy for me even though valencia is a good player. I hope Rodgers just plays him in PL games. We badly need him. We also need to buy cover. Advantage Liverpool.

Suarez V Rooney. Suarez all day for me. The guy is so much more skillful than Rooney. Rooney has become slow and cant beat a man. He is well past his best. Suarez is on the up. Advantage Liverpool.

Borini V Welbeck. I am going to call this in favour of Borini. A much better goal scorer than Welbeck. I dont get the hype around Welbeck. He only scored 9 goals last season. He must be the most over hyped player around. The only thing Welbeck has over him is PL experience. Advantage Liverpool.

As for the rest.

Doni V Lindegaard Advantage Liverpool. Doni is much more proven.

Jones V kelly jones cant defend or cross properly. Kelly looks to be a real star of the future. He can defend and attack. Cant wait to see him at CB. Kelly has a great future ahead of him. Advantage Liverpool

SmallingV Coates Great to see Coates at the Olympics. He will be a great player but for now Smalling is a bit futher on. By the end of the season Coates should be as good if not better. Advantage United.

CarragherV Evans Jamie is a favourite of us all but he is past his best. That said Evans doesnt have his heart or his ablilty to read the game. He is an ordinary player. So I will go Advantage Liverpool.

Cleverly V Henderson. For me henderson is by far the better prospect. Hence he went to Euro 2012. He needs games in CM and not on the Wing. Cleverly is another hyped manc youngster who look ordinary. Only played aroud 5 games for them last year. He couldnt knock a couple of players ageed 37/38 out of the team. Advantage Liverpool.

Adam V Anderson For me its Adam. He has his critics but he had much more of an impact that Uniteds 25mil pound man(his value not his weight though their cant be much in the difference).Advantage Liverpool.

Spearing V Kawaga Kawaga looked a good player in Germany. Cant see him getting too many games as Fergie wont drop Rooney. I like Spearing and he is underrated by most reds but its Advantage United.

Shelvey V Powell Shelvey is a good prospect and has PL experience. I havent see Powell play so I cant call this one but I would be surprised if he makes a bigger impact that JJS. Advantage Unkown.

Raheem Sterling V ashley Young. A completely unfair comparison you say? A young boy of 17 v a seasson international? You are right its completely unfair on our Sterling to compare him to a player much older and with much more experience. However I feel it needs to be done just to show up our squad weakness-We need more wingers!!!!!!!! Therefore it has to be Advantage United.

Carroll V Berbatov Both will probably be gone. It will be interesting to see who their replacements will be. The mancs probably wont get one because they are broke and have three strikers already. We need to buy when we sell Andy.

Hernandez V ?????????? Our new striker V Hernandez. lets wait and see.
Those are basically the identical teams from last year. United a bit better because Kagawa>>Borini and they had much more injury issues. 44 point difference. Lolpool were 13 off of the top 4.


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Jan 20, 2011
Normally I would say something like that's a wind up, but seeing as it's from a Bindipper it's completely believable.


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Jan 31, 2007
I've seen a few of these in my time. A favourite trick the Scousers use is to do a 1st XI comparison & pick players for us that don't make the 1st XI or put our players in positions they rarely play in for us ie. Bale at LB, Modric at LM etc. That's before they even start with the comical ratings. As our friendly visiting Scouser said, stay off RAWK cos its full of knobheads...


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Jun 23, 2011
Those are basically the identical teams from last year. United a bit better because Kagawa>>Borini and they had much more injury issues. Forty four point difference. Pool were 13 off of the top 4.
To be fair to the Liverpool fan, if every opposition goalkeeper hadn't played an absolute blinder at Anfield and if they hadn't hit the post so often - they would have own the league by 30 points with their amazing defenders only being allowed to move via handstands.


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Oct 14, 2006
Personal favourites are the CBs situation, vidic ferdinand and evans are all to a man worse than agger skrtl and CARRA! Also the one thats even more ludicrous, Valencia apparently is worse than Bellamy lol!!! Ronney is slow and doesnt impact the game too, gotta love RAWK


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Aug 16, 2010
My favorite thing ever was before last year when they where comparing Downing's productiveness vs Bale's.


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Jan 28, 2011
I love the way they claim that Borini is a better goalscorer than Welbeck ("He only scored 9 goals last season"), against, say, Borini who scored... 9 goals last season. He's also completely unproven in the PL. Daft ****.


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May 26, 2004
Suarez thinks people boo him because they fear him, I always thought it was because he's a cheating racist twat but what do I know?
Whilst the reasoning for booing is often attributed to that, in Suarez's case it really is because he is a detestable footballer on the pitch (I have little knowledge how he is away from it, but the racism stuff wasn't pretty was it).

However, the booing of the Uruguayan national anthem was not on.

People rally need to show some respect, boo a player if you want, but a national anthem?! Aren't we beyond that childish behaviour yet???



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May 18, 2006
My mate was at the game, he said the booing during the anthem was because Suarez's face popped up on the big screen. It's still disrespectful to Uruguay but at least the intent was only for horse mouth.


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Jul 17, 2008
Problem is this is not just a RAWK problem, but as shown on a thread on Spurs Chat, it has spread to other more reputable forums.

My cousin a huge Liverpool fan, has always been level headed, but now he is going the way of most other fans - deluded, living in the past, victim complex. No surprise he has started reading RAWK, after saying they are wankers on it.

So Kelly is not a first team player?? But I thought he was better than Walker??? He isnt even better than Naughton or Adam smith.


Sep 23, 2008
I don't vote for cherry-picking some from RAWK. Fair enough some of their fans churn out some deluded rubbish, but I have also seen some truly embarassing stuff from our fans as well.


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Oct 5, 2008
Also as a chappy with roots from the Iberian peninsula WTF is all this commentary stuff about Qu-ar-tez, or Que-er atez ,it is pronounced Coates as in the late great Spurs player who he is not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as.
I can only assume that Coates comes from the same part of Uruguay as Suarez where such things must be normal.


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Aug 16, 2010
Funny take on Rodgers system so far, pass it around the back a bit then lump it up to a winger. Haven't seen anything close to a passing triangle.


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Jan 27, 2011
Dont like this sort of thread TBH. Makes us look like a bunch of nobs claiming Liverpool aren't our rivals and then going "#omg lulpool.


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May 2, 2005
Kagawa vs Spearing was a tough one eh. Jesus the boy has been in the country for a few months and is already being mentioned in the same class as Spearing, he must be special.

Love how people always do these things though, individuals doesn't matter, it's how they perform as a team. Liverpool haven't performed well for many years and won't be doing so anytime soon.