[Update 90] KingFresh re: Parker

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Jan 13, 2011
Who: KingFresh
Where: FTL
When: 30/01/13
KingFresh said:
Just spoken to an agent who told me holtby would probably play tonight. I assumed he would play Parker and Dembele, he told me "Parker could be on his way to another London club"... Spurs have an open ended deal which they are happy with, just depends on if they can find a replacement that makes it worthwhile. He thinks its unlikely to happen, but with lots of irons in fires its a possibility.
An agent who looks after a lot of our youth team and a couple of first team players. We were with a spurs member of coaching staff too, who nodded along.

Reading between the lines, if we sign a decent CM / CDM for an acceptable price then he will move, if not we are more than happy to keep him.
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